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NZB Unity

Send and control NZB files directly with SABnzbd or NZBGet download clients. Allows monitoring and control of your download queue (pause, resume), optionally intercepts NZB downloads, and allows 1-click downloading from a handful of membership NZB sites. Tested in Chrome and Firefox, but should be compatible with any webextension compatible browser.

For feature requests, please consider submitting a pull request (see below for building instructions).

Heavily inspired by SABconnect++.



In order to use NZB Unity, at least one server profile must be defined. To get started, click the "Create" button, and fill in the details.

Profile Controls

  • Profile selector -- Loads the selected profile into the editing pane.
  • Create -- Creates a new profile and selects it for editing.
  • Duplicate -- Duplicates the currently selected profile and selects the duplicate for editing.
  • Delete -- Deletes the currently selected profile.
  • Test Connection -- Tests the currently selected profile. Note: If you are using an HTTPS connection (recommended) with a self-signed certificate, you will get a connection error if you have not accepted the certificate in your browser yet. Simply make sure you can access your server at the secure address first.

Profile Options

  • Profile Name -- Any name is accepted. On changing this name, the profile name in the selector will change as well.
  • Type -- Either SABnzbd or NZBGet are supported.
    • SABnzbd profiles must use API Key.
    • NZBGet profiles must use Username and Password.
  • Host -- Either protocol and host name or FQDN of the server to connect to.
    • Protocol and path are optional, defaults will be used if not specified (eg, "", "http://myserver:8080", "https://myserver:8080/mysab", and "myserver:8080" are all valid).
    • Protocol must be included if HTTPS connections are desired. Please also see note under Test Connection above.
    • SABnzbd connections will default to the path "/sabnzbd", but you may specify a different path. Using the root path "/" is currently unsupported (it will use the default in this case).
  • API Key -- SABnzbd Only. The full use API key for the SABnzbd server. Currently, NZB only API keys are unsupported as they do not give access to the queue.
  • Username -- NZBGet Only. Username for NZBGet API. Note that this can be a limited access user (NZB Unity does not access config).
  • Password -- NZBGet Only. Password for the NZBGet API.
  • "Open server" URL -- Optional, if specified the toolbar UI "Open server" button will open a tab to this URL instead of the profile Host.

Other Options

  • 1-Click Download Providers -- Enable 1-Click features for the given site. This feature modifies most list and detail pages on those sites and presents a direct download button. If the site you use is not listed, NZB download interception will work on any site that does not require an API key or authentication to download NZB files directly.

  • Automatically Intercept NZB Downloads -- Detects whenever an NZB file is being downloaded by the browser and sends the URL of the NZB to the server instead. Note that this does not intercept the contents of the NZB, just the URL, so this will not work for sites that require an active login or do not provide API enabled download links for logged in users. URL interception does work for a great many sites currently, so it is enabled by default.

  • Intercept Exclude -- Will exclude the sites listed in this option from NZB download interception. Sites should be listed by hostname only, comma separated, and regular expression syntax is allowed (eg. "").

  • Simplify Category Names -- Converts category names that contain group and subgroup into just the group name (eg, "Movies > HD" becomes "movies").

  • Replace Links -- Will replace native download links on most 1-Click supported sites instead of adding a separate button.

  • Default Category -- If no category name can be ascertained for a particular NZB (either by the site, in the NZB itself, DNZB headers, or by category override), this category will be used.

  • Refresh Rate -- The toolbar popup is refreshed by polling the server at this specified interval. Default is 15 seconds.

  • UI Theme -- Select the UI color theme for the toolbar popup.

  • Enable Notifications -- Shows a browser notification when an NZB was successfully sent to the server (but not necessarily successfully started downloading). Currently off by default, as it's of limited use at the moment.

  • Reset -- Deletes all profiles and sets all options to their defaults.

Toolbar Popup

The toolbar popup shows statistics and controls for the currently active profile's queue, chosen from the select box at the top.

  • Top row

    • Status -- Current queue status (Idle, Downloading, Paused, etc). Clicking on this will either pause or resume the download queue
    • Speed -- Current download speed (max download speed in parentheses).
    • Remaining -- Download size remaining (estimated remaining time in parentheses).
  • Options

    • Override Category -- When set, all new NZB downloads will use this category.
    • Max Speed -- Sets the server download speed limit in MB per second (decimals are allowed, eg, 3.1MB/s is equivalent to about 3100KB/s).
  • Queue -- Each queue item will contain the name of the NZB, the category, and the total size. The progress for each item is shown as a progress bar in the background of the queue item itself.

  • Controls

    • Refresh -- Forces a refresh from the server and resets the refresh interval timer.
    • Open Server -- Opens a new tab to the Web UI of the current profile.
    • Open Options -- Opens the NZB Unity options tab.

1-Click Site Downloads

The following sites are currently supported for 1-click downloads:,, and An icon identical to the toolbar icon will be shown next to any NZB that can be downloaded. More sites are currently planned, but please put in a feature request if your favorite site is not supported (or even better, build an adapter and submit it as a pull-request).


NZB Unity is built primarily in TypeScript and SASS, using a Gulp build process. Node, npm are required.


  1. Clone the repository
  2. npm ci
  3. gulp build or gulp dist or gulp watch
  4. The built extension will be in the build directory and can be loaded into browsers using the manifest.json file there.
  5. Make changes only to files in the src/ directory. JS files can be written in either JavaScript or Typescript. New TypeScript files should be added to the tsconfig.json file in the root.


  • ./ -- Build related files: gulpfiles, npm dependencies, TypeScript config, license, readme, etc.
  • build/ -- Built extension files.
  • dist/ -- Packaged un-signed extension.
  • src/ -- All extension source files.
    • vendor/ -- Vendor JavaScript files.
    • background/ -- Background process files and util.ts which is loaded into every extension page.
    • content/ -- Content pages including options and popup.
      • css/ -- Vendor CSS and SASS (scss) source files.
      • fonts/ -- Vendor webfonts.
      • images/ -- Icons and images.
      • sites/ -- 1-click site adapter source files.

Gulp commands:

  • gulp build -- Builds the extension into build/.
  • gulp dist -- After building, zips the build into dist/.
  • gulp clean -- Deletes build files from build/ and dist/.
  • gulp copy -- Copies any files that do not need pre-process to build/.
  • gulp typescript -- Compiles TypeScript files.
  • gulp sass -- Compiles SASS files.
  • gulp watch -- Builds the project and then watches for any changes in src/ to rebuild.

1-Click Sites

A good example of a 1-click site adapter can be found in src/content/sites/omgwtfnzbs.ts, as this site requires fetching the username and API key to be able to build correct NZB file URLs. Ultimately what is required is that the adapter identify locations to insert download links, and passing the NZB URL and optional category to:

  options:{ url: string, category?: string },
  adjacent:JQuery<HTMLElement>|HTMLElement = null

Which will create the link, assign the handler, and return the link. If the adjacent element is provided, it will also insert the link in the DOM as a sibling to adjacent.

The PageUtil source has some other handy functions, it's recommended to read the source.



Initial public release


  • Bugfixes
  • New profile option "Open serrver URL"
  • New general option "Intercept Exclude"


  • New API method for sending NZB file data to SABnzbd and NZBGet. This allows building 1-Click site profiles that first use whatever means necessary in the site to download the NZB data and then upload that.
  • New 1-Click site profile for


  • Fixes "Open server" button prefixing addon URL to site URL.
  • Fixes intercept for sites that send header keys in lower case.
  • Fixes NZBGet Authentication.


  • Fixes a couple errors on site profile initialization.
  • Adds general Newznab support (tested on nznbplanet, simplynzbs, and drunkenslug).
    • New option field to list Newznab sites which the user would like 1-click functionality on.
    • Method to automatically detect Newznab sites and prompt the user to include in their options.
  • Additional error checking for NZB intercept.


  • New 1-Click site profiles for and (
  • Streamlines
  • Adds helper method for POST-request sites.


  • Multiple download button for dognzb and omgwtfnzbs
  • New 1-Click site profiles for and


  • Newznab API URL fix for


  • Fixes several small internal warning messages related to sendMessage handling
  • Fixes SABnzbd API bug where queue was being returned as empty by SAB in some cases


  • Toolbar icon will change color and title depending on download status (grey for idle, green for activity)
  • New 1-Click site profile for, currently non-functional due to API restrictions (fix planned for 1.6.1)
  • Fixes filtering error on


  • New option for UI theme (currently light or dark)
  • New option to replace native download links instead of creating a new NZB Unity download link for 1-Click sites
  • New 1-Click site profile for
  • Fixes for console messaging errors
  • Some small theme tweaks to clean up and standardize the UI look and feel


  • Upgraded dependencies (Bootstrap) to pass AMO packaged library rules.


  • Fixed a small error preventing the general Newznab profile from working.


  • New 1-Click site profile for
  • New profile option "Use host URL exactly as entered".
    • Defaults to disabled, which preserves addon URL handling as before. Addon adds common default parts of the host URL to find the API endpoint.
    • If enabled, the addon will make no effort to modify the Host URL, and the entire API endpoint for the host must be entered for the addon to work. This allows the use of root path URLs. If enabled, the user should also put in an "Open server" URL so that the open server button works as expected.
  • As part of the above change, improved URL handling in general.
    • If an API endpoint URL is entered and "Use host exactly as entered" is not checked, the addon will be able to connect.
    • If an API endpoing URL is entered and no "Open server" URL is specified, the addon will try to remove the API portion of the URL in order to get the normal server URL.


  • Adds a debug option that when enabled will show a debug messages panel in the popup UI.
    • Shows extension startup information (probably not useful).
    • Shows options for added NZBs before being sent to the downloader, including original site category name and simplified category if any.
    • More message types may be added in the future.


  • Bugfixes for a couple site profiles.


  • New 1-Click site profile for


  • Updated dependencies and updated gulpfile to gulp 4. This helps absolutely nobody.
  • Fixes a bug in profile that caused lots of repeated text.


  • Merged URL fix for ozznb


  • Fixed detail download link for NZB Finder


  • Fixed and improved UID and token detection for some sites (case insensitive)
  • Added keyboard shortcut hooks


  • Update integration for upcoming site redesign
  • Fixes long-standing bug where override category selector does not show current override on popup open


  • Updates popup layout a smidge for better readability
  • Adds version number to top right corner of popup and options
  • New 1-Click site profile for


Last major release before rebuild

  • No longer causes Newznab notification on known provider sites
  • Newznab notification less obnoxious
  • New option to ignore site categories completely (uses group names in the NZB)
  • Fixes integration (apikey and categories)
  • Fixes api url


Adds the ability to send and control Usenet NZB files from various sites to SABnzbd+ or NZBGet download clients.




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