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Proposing Changes and LGTM Policy

To propose a change or ask a question, please open an issue in the issue queue before submitting a pull request(PR). All PRs must be reviewed and approved (LGTMed) by 2 core maintainers before being merged. Maintainers are specified in the OWNERS file.

Support Channels

Whether you are a user or contributor, official support channels include:

Weekly community meetings are held every Wednesday from 9am-10am PT on zoom. More information can be found on this agenda document.

DCO Requirements

This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. To contribute to the specification, you must sign off every commit you contributed as acknowledgement of the DCO. The repository's DCO bot will check to ensure that every commit is signed, and will block any unsigned commits.

The easiest way to sign-off a commit is to use the Git --signoff/-s flag: git commit -s.

Specifications subject to the Open Web Foundation Agreements.

In addition, by making a contribution to specifications in this repository, you, on behalf of yourself, your employer, and its affiliates, are making those contributions subject to the obligations set forth in the OWF Contributor License Agreement 1.0 - Copyright and Patent.
Final specifications developed in this repository will be subject to the Open Web Foundation Final Specification Agreement (“OWFa 1.0”). OWFa 1.0 will be applied as follows:

  • The maintainer will notify all contributors to a designated specification in writing via provided contact information of the start of a 30 day review period, after which the specification will be subject to the OWFa 1.0.
  • During that 30 day period, contributors may provide written notice to the maintainer that the contributor is not making the forgoing commitment under OWFa 1.0 for the designated specification (“Exclusion”).
  • Upon the end of that 30 day notice period, those contributors who have not issued an Exclusion, on behalf of themselves, their employer, and its affiliates, will, without further action, be subject to the obligations set forth in the OWFa 1.0 for the designated specification.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of conduct. Please maintain respectful communication in the issue queue, PR queue, and all other communication channels.