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Setup Guide: Raspberry Pi | Maintaining your Software Stack w Updates & Upgrades

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Maintaining your Software Stack w/ Updates & Upgrades

Updates & Upgrade System

# Update System
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y  # Should also update Node.js if you used method #1
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
# sudo rpi-update. # Update Raspberry Pi kernel and firmware, [is already done with 'apt-get update / upgrade'](
sudo reboot

If you experience problems after rebooting, see Upgrade Problems for possible solutions.

Update Node Package Manager (NPM)

# Update Node Package Manager (NPM)
sudo npm install npm@latest -g

# Get Version info
echo "[NPM] ============"; which npm; npm -v;
echo "[NODE] ============"; which node; node -v

Update CNCjs

# Stop CNCjs in PM2 
pm2 stop cncjs

# Update CNCjs
#sudo npm update -g cncjs --unsafe-perm  #  Tends to fail to update CNCjs, so we will reinstall CNCjs will the command bellow (no settings will be lost)
sudo npm install -g cncjs --unsafe-perm  # Install CNCjs again, if this fails or causes issue then run (sudo npm uninstall -g cncjs; sudo npm install -g cncjs --unsafe-perm )

# Restart CNCjs in PM2
pm2 start cncjs

Update Production Process Manager [PM2]

# First make sure that you save all your processes:
pm2 save

Then install the latest PM2 version from NPM:
sudo npm install pm2 -g

And finally update the in-memory PM2 process:
pm2 update
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