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Maledong and JacksonTian Refactor and optimize `list()` (#139)
1) Use `ES6` syntax to rewrite `readMessages`/`unreadMessages` instead
of using index for a whole array.
2) Use Promise.all to wrap the mapping from read/unread messages and do
Promise.all to await to save time.
Latest commit b088d30 Aug 20, 2018


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see egg docs for more detail.

Environment Dependencies

macOS Install

brew install redis mongodb
brew services start redis
brew services start mongodb

Linux Install


Windows Install



$ npm i
$ npm run dev
$ open http://localhost:7001/


// {app_root}/config/

exports.mini_assets = true;

exports.alinode = {
  // 从 `Node.js 性能平台` 获取对应的接入参数
  appid: process.env.EGG_ALINODE_APPID || '',
  secret: process.env.EGG_ALINODE_SECRET || '',
$ npm i --production
$ npm run assets
$ npm start
$ npm stop

npm scripts

  • Use npm run lint to check code style.
  • Use npm test to run unit test.
  • Use npm run autod to auto detect dependencies upgrade, see autod for more detail.