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#DC Community Data Commons


DC doesn't have a master source of community resource directory information. Our 211 is out of date, and not interoperable with other info systems. It's hard for people in need to find health/human/social services that they are eligible for. Many attempts to build community resource directories have come and gone, as each struggles to produce and maintain the data. This data should be commonly available, and everyone would benefit from it being so -- but we first have to demonstrate the viability of standardized community resource data served in an open platform!


  1. Prototype Completed Create an API to serve DC's 211 data.
  1. Prototype Completed Create a website that allows easy access to DC's 211 data
  1. Data conversion script We created a first-draft data conversion script from .csv to MongoDB json in ruby

###More work Recently at a Hack session in San Fransisco, a group of civic hackers used our data import script to modify and tweak versions for their data SF Open Referral

###Help If you're in DC, please join us and other civic hackers at Code for DC

Feel free to fork this project to improve or build your own!

Please submit an issue on either the DC API or DC-Connect if you find any problems

###Credit Full credit goes to Greg Bloom for leading this version of the project, Ohana.org for their code, and many many other civic hackers!