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Address data found on for adding a ton of markers to a leaflet map using D3

Getting Started

  • Create a database and add the table in the schema.sql file.
  • Copy the db-example.php to db.php and add your db credentials.
  • Add addresses to your addresses table. I simply used a CSV from to populate the db (lon, lat, number, street, city, district, region, postcode, hash). This isn't automated, you'll need to do this on your own.
  • Run worker.php from the command line. This will continually look for fiber on AT&T from addresses in your databse. These will be selected at random continuously until all of the addresses have been covered, then it will continusly update the rows from the oldest.
  • Run make-csv.php to generate the hasGig.csv file with all of the lat,lon coordinates for addresses that have fiber available to them.
  • Load up index.html in your browser to see the locations visualized. (You may need to modify index.html with new starting coordinates)


  • In the future, hasGig.csv may not be included with the repo but leaving it in for now as an example.
  • Set starting bounding box based on CSV data instead of setting it statically in index.html.
  • Update the very old versions of Leaflet and D3
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