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Peroxide is a Drupal theme engine allowing templates to be created using Haml and stylesheets to be written using Sass and Scss.

Templates and styles for large sites can become quite long and complex. The goal of this project is to make more advanced tools available to developers so that the code for themes is shorter, easier to understand and more maintainable.

Peroxide automatically compiles and caches templates as PHP. Sass and Scss files are also automatically compiled, cached and their resultant output css is automatically added to a page.

Alongside of peroxide, a kickstarter theme is being developed to make getting started easier. It can be found at


To install peroxide you can use the following commands starting from the root of your Drupal installaiton:

cd sites/all/themes (or whatever your theme directory is)
mkdir engines
cd engines
git clone --recursive git://

Note: For peroxide to work properly your Drupal site's files directory must be writable by your webserver.


To use peroxide as the engine for your theme add this line to your themes info file.

engine = peroxide

Basic Theme

A basic theme using the peroxide theme engine can be found at


Drupal forms are ugly! Fortunately there are great creative commons licensed graphics out there to use. Ace (from Sproutcore) and Aristo (from Cappuccino) both look great. If someone would like to plug either of these in that would be awesome. See this article for more information.


Peroxide is made available under the terms of the GPLv2. For the full text of this license see


Peroxide uses the phamlp library to parse HAML and Sass. This can be found at

phamlp includes compass which can be found at