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<title>CodeMirror: Reporting Bugs</title>
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<h2>Reporting bugs effectively</h2>
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<p>So you found a problem in CodeMirror. By all means, report it! Bug
reports from users are the main drive behind improvements to
CodeMirror. But first, please read over these points:</p>
<li>CodeMirror is maintained by volunteers. They don't owe you
anything, so be polite. Reports with an indignant or belligerent
tone tend to be moved to the bottom of the pile.</li>
<li>Include information about <strong>the browser in which the
problem occurred</strong>. Even if you tested several browsers, and
the problem occurred in all of them, mention this fact in the bug
report. Also include browser version numbers and the operating
system that you're on.</li>
<li>Mention which release of CodeMirror you're using. Preferably,
try also with the current development snapshot, to ensure the
problem has not already been fixed.</li>
<li>Mention very precisely what went wrong. "X is broken" is not a
good bug report. What did you expect to happen? What happened
instead? Describe the exact steps a maintainer has to take to reproduce
the error. We can not fix something that we can not observe.</li>
<li>If the problem can not be reproduced in any of the demos
included in the CodeMirror distribution, please provide an HTML
document that demonstrates the problem. The best way to do this is
to go to <a href=""></a>, enter
it there, press save, and include the resulting link in your bug