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SRC_DIR = client/js
BUILD_DIR = build
DIST_DIR = client/js
BASE_FILES = ${SRC_DIR}/md5.js\
MODULES = ${SRC_DIR}/intro.js\
IMJS = ${DIST_DIR}/im.compiled.js
IMJS_MIN = ${DIST_DIR}/im.min.js
COMPILER = java -jar ${BUILD_DIR}/google-compiler-20100616.jar
all: imjs min
@@echo "Ajax IM build complete."
imjs: ${IMJS}
@@echo "Building" ${IMJS}
@@cat ${MODULES} | sed 's/debug = true/debug = false/' > ${IMJS}
min: ${IMJS_MIN}
@@echo "Building" ${IMJS_MIN}
@@head -21 ${IMJS} > ${IMJS_MIN}
@@${COMPILER} --js ${IMJS} --warning_level QUIET >> ${IMJS_MIN}
@@rm -f ${IMJS}
@@echo "Removing built files"
@@rm -f ${IMJS}
@@rm -f ${IMJS_MIN}
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