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We're a Web3 company specializing in R&D and security audits for decentralized apps. Since 2014, we've completed 250+ projects with a team of 60+ employees.

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  1. Full WASM Secure Threshold Signature ECDSA Library

    Rust 23 1

  2. scout Public

    Scout is an extensible open-source tool intended to assist ink! smart contract developers and auditors detect common security issues and deviations from best practices.

    Rust 21 5

  3. Audits Public

    Audit Reports


  4. WebSocket Manager that facilitates secure communication between parties for multi party computation applications.

    Rust 12

  5. ico Public

    Python 6 4

  6. Parse Bitcoin's raw blockchain data with NodeJS and Bitcore.

    JavaScript 5 5


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