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Launch PCSX2 from RetroArch/libretro
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Based on libretro-dolphin-launcher.

Launch Sony PlayStation 2 games through PCSX2, directly from RetroArch.

Dolphin Launcher Screenshot


  1. Compile the core
git clone
cd libretro-pcsx2-launcher
  1. Copy the core file to the RetroArch cores directory
cp /usr/lib/libretro/
cp /usr/share/libretro/info/
  1. Make sure PCSX2 is installed. You should be able to run at least one of the following commands:
flatpak run net.pcsx2.PCSX2


  1. Scan Sony PlayStation 2 games in RetroArch

  2. Launch the games directly from the RetroArch menu

  3. Alternatively, you can run games through the command line

retroarch -L Crash.iso


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