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This package is part of the templer code generator system. It provides local command templates for the archetype and plone_basic templates from templer.plone and is dependent on that package. Installing templer.plone[localcommands] will automatically include this package.

Local Commands

Templer local commands are an extension of the PasteScript local command concept which allow the user to insert additional features into a skeleton package already created by a templer template.

Executing Local Commands

The first step in accessing local commands is to build a package skeleton using one of the templer templates which support local commands:

bin/templer plone_basic example.package

When the run is completed, you should see output that informs you that localcommands are available for this new package:

Your new package supports local commands. To access them, change
directories into the 'src' directory inside your new package. From there,
you will be able to run the command `paster add --list` to see the local
commands available for this package.


Local commands do not work on folder level. You need to enter the src/ folder itself.

Follow these instructions to see the local commands you have available to you from the context of your plone_basic package skeleton. You may also run paster add --list-all to see the full list of local commands available in your current installation. Commands not available within the current package will be prefaced with an 'N' character in the listing.

Provided Local Templates

This package provides local command templates for the archetype and plone_basic templates:


A skeleton Archetypes content type
An iterative generator for Archetypes schema fields


A zope BrowserView class, interface and template
A zope BrowserLayer interface and GenericSetup registration
A setuphandlers for policy packages
A portal_setup upgrade step


Issues with this package should be reported in the package repository on GitHub.