Warning: no instances running. Starting... hooked in my terminal after delayed_job restart #623

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Hi guys,

I'm developing a rails 4 application with Capistrano 2.15.5, Daemons 1.1.9 and Delayed_job 4.0.0 in OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks. When I run a deploy through Capistrano, delayed_job restarts after deploy, but my terminal keeps hooked with the message "Warning: no instances running. Starting...". If I connect to the server through SSH and execute the restart command, everything works fine.

Any idea? Thanks


I have similar issue where delayed_job stops or needs restarting on production server. i don;t know why it works inconsistent. and how to keep it working fine. any ideas will be highly appreciated.


I'm seeing this too with deploys via Mina.


Also have this same issue in production. Delayed Job stopped working on 5/15, had to manually start 5/19.

Could a server restart cause this, I'm not sure if thats what happened but its a theory I have... If a server restart can cause this, is there an easy way to make sure that delayed job is always on?


you can use monit which will help monitor whether delayed_job is running and in the occasion of delayed_job failing it can be restarted with a chef script

@muratayusuke muratayusuke referenced this issue in platanus/capistrano3-delayed-job Feb 19, 2016

Use /tmp for default pid dir #22

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