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No idea should remain just an idea! 🚀

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No idea should remain an idea

Our Goal - To solve meaningful problems and to do this at scale.

Our Path - Providing software development services for SMBs, Social Sector organizations, and Startups just like the way big enterprises are served by software outsourcing companies.

How - Making this happen by leveraging trainable talent availability at scale in India, having a unique training model that helps in creating a constant talent pipeline, a team of experts having global experience, and a highly engaged team.

Why the name ColoredCow

Read this blog to get the story behind ColoredCow inception.

Open source

We love open source and always try to give back to the community that we have recieved so much from. Check out our open source projects and the projects we contributed to:

Hills dream

We became an expert in remote work. Many of our customers are remote, having team distributed in multiple office helps us to practice and remove the challenges our customers can face by being remote.

Working in hills has opened the door to a new era of freedom and luxury. This is not just theory of us. Over the past six years, we’ve grown a successful software company in hills.

Our hill story is bit different from working remote: We wanted to avoid the disadvantage of city life and wanted meaningful work and meaning in our work

Story Club

We give a lot of importance to communication and doing it well. Being able to express who we are, what we stand for, and effectively collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. With this spirit, we launched our Story Club where each team member comes forward to present their story and experiences to the rest of the team, every week. Visit our youtube channel to know more about this initiative.


  1. portal Public

    A hub-and-spoke platform for organizations to effectively manage their operations and data. Uses GSuite.

    PHP 45 39

  2. SesPress Public

    WordPress plugin to use AWS Simple Email Service

    PHP 7

  3. A Laravel package to setup Google OAuth and GSuite Admin SDK.

    PHP 18 8

  4. A simple WordPress plugin that helps to utilize third-party or custom-built APIs.

    PHP 6 2

  5. monitor Public

    A simple tool to monitor the uptime for your websites.

    PHP 2


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