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Installed frash on iPhone iOS4 #11

jubianchi opened this Issue Jul 9, 2010 · 13 comments

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Thank you for your work on frash!!! I hope it will be up soon ;)
Yesterday i tried to install Frash on an iPhone iOS4 and all went well. No crash on install, no crash on reboot, no safari crash.

The plugin seems to work but i get an errors saying 'Counld not connect'/'Connection refused'.
Today, i rebboted the iPhone and now i get no error but the animations do not load. I see the flash logo (InitialButton) and after clicking on it nothing happens.

To install i used a .deb i found here : link removed... sorry

Fattire commented Jul 9, 2010

iPhone is not supported by this build

grp commented Jul 9, 2010

That deb file is illegal as it contains copyrighted adobe code, please remove the link.

marr commented Jul 10, 2010

I installed frash as well on the iphone, now am stuck with the pineapple loading screen. I ssh'd and tried dpkg -r . I don't see any files in Library/Internet Plug Ins/. But I am still stuck in loop-land. Can anyone help?

grp commented Jul 10, 2010

No, because this was an unauthorized (and somewhat illegal) release of an unfinished product.

cmoski commented Jul 10, 2010

sigh Seriously? I knew this shi*t would happen eventually..

Marr: You need to check your daemons located in /System/Library/. You'll find a file called food.plist. Remove it and you should boot fine. And don't install debs you find on the interwebs in the future.

And the deb actually installs on iOS4? Great.... :(

grp commented Jul 10, 2010

Depends: gsc.wildcat

That will make it iPad-only.

marr commented Jul 12, 2010

Thanks for the help cmoski. I removed food.plist from /System/Library/LaunchDaemons and removed Frash.webPlugin from /System/Library/Internet Plug-ins. Still in loopy land.

Fattire commented Jul 15, 2010

I noticed that a recent update says "iOS 4.0 should be working now"

Can we compile this on an iPhone for testing? Don't have an iPad. thanks

grp commented Jul 15, 2010

Maybe. You can compile it and see for yourself!


The iOS4 support is on my branch only since it introduces a security hole the size of a truck. No one should use it and anyone who does deserves to send me their iPhone 4. In fact I'm going to remove it right now.


Knowing it wouldn't work, I decided to compile this and try it for my iPhone. It loads to the flash screen and then throws an error that points to _assert(ret) in classes.c. I'm trying to wrap my head around this as to why it's iPad-only but it's kind of hard because IOSurface is relatively undocumented. Can anyone explain what's stopping it from running? Looking at the IOSurfaceRef, I can't see a problem but when it's passed to _assert it freaks out.

Yes, I know this is only for advanced developers, but amateurs can learn, too, right? haha Thanks!

daesoph commented Aug 4, 2010

Update your and it should work

comex commented Aug 18, 2010


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