Complete interactive development program for Haskell
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Complete interactive development program for Haskell

Intero for Emacs

Please see the homepage for Intero for Emacs.

Default key bindings

Key binding Description
M-. Jump to definition
C-c C-i Show information of identifier at point
C-c C-t Show the type of thing at point, or the selection
C-u C-c C-t Insert a type signature for the thing at point
C-c C-l Load this module in the REPL
C-c C-c Evaluate the selected region in the REPL
C-c C-r Apply suggestions from GHC
C-c C-k Clear REPL
C-c C-z Switch to and from the REPL

Enabling intero

To enable intero in all haskell-mode buffers by default, enable intero-global-mode, by using M-x customize or by adding (intero-global-mode 1) to your Emacs start-up files.

Intero will then activate for all projects, and for files without a stack.yaml, it will assume the "global" project. If you want to use an alternate stack yaml configuration file (for example, when developing for multiple GHC versions), use M-x intero-stack-yaml to switch file. When switching configuration, you will asked whether you want to preserve this choice across emacs sessions for the given project.

Whitelisting/blacklisting projects

Some users prefer to enable Intero selectively. The custom variables intero-blacklist and intero-whitelist are provided for this purpose, and are honoured by intero-global-mode:

If the parent directory of a Haskell file is listed in intero-blacklist, then intero will not be enabled for that file, unless a parent directory of that file is also listed in intero-whitelist. In other words, whitelist entries take precedence. You can therefore blacklist / to disable intero in all projects unless they are whitelisted.

Intero support for other editors and IDEs

Although not supported by the Intero maintainers, integrations with other editors exist:

If you would like to build support into a new editor or IDE, please see


Issues are split into low/medium/high priorities which dictates which ones will be implemented first.