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Volunteers welcome!

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We are always looking for volunteers, feel free to step in! It's very easy to get started - have a look at the roles that you fancy below. Thanks a lot!


  1. Set up your working environment by following the quick start guide.
  2. Choose an unassigned issue that sounds interesting to you, and ask to be assigned the issue. If the issue was assigned to someone who has been inactive for over 1 month, you can bring this to the attention of collaborators who may ping them for updates and possibly re-assign the issue to you.
  3. As of 14 March 2019 (see #2553 for rationale and further details), new contributors may only be assigned issues with "bug" or "beginner-friendly" labels. Issues labeled "enhancement" will usually only be assigned to contributors with >5 previous contributions to this repo. Exceptions may be granted if multiple collaborators agree, but it will take time for approval.
  4. Follow the developer workflow.

It is also recommended that you actually try the app and upload pictures with the app. Become familiar with the various workflows. Notice what kind of categories are suggested depending on where the picture is taken or what you type. Check what people consider excellent pictures and get inspired by their rich descriptions and accurate categories.


Use the beta version or even better, compile from the latest source! Report bugs to the issue tracker.

How to install the beta

The beta version might have bugs, your role is to find them all so that we can make a bug-free stable release :-)

Install the app from here. The app page looks like this

App page

Scroll down until you see a box mentioning the beta program.

Join beta program

After some minutes to an hour of enrolling, update your app to get the beta version.

How to install the alpha

An alpha gets released automatically each time we modify the app. This means you get all new features immediately, but it also means that you will encounter bugs very often! Please report any bug you find. This also means Google Play will update the app every few days or even several times per day, so be sure to set up Google Play to only download updates on Wi-Fi.

To install the alpha:

  1. Under the Google account associated with your phone and Google Play, join this Google Group:
  2. Still under the same Google account, go to and join the test program. If you had already joined the beta then you are already in. Confusingly in some places this shows "beta" instead of "alpha", that's a Google Play bug.
  3. Another confusing thing is that the app still shows the beta version number in "About". However, the full version number is visible in Android's Settings>Apps>Commons, for instance

How to install the test flavor

The test flavor allows you to use a server different from the Commons server. Only needed if you plan to upload many test images with no encyclopedic value. You must compile this version by yourself, from the source code.


See Translating the App.



Documentation writers

Be it this wiki, the Wikimedia page, the official webpage or the source code, documentation always needs to be improved and updated

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