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Installing with conda


To install conda packages, in the terminal or an Anaconda Prompt, run:

conda install [packagename]

During the install process, files are extracted into the specified environment, defaulting to the current environment if none is specified. Installing the files of a conda package into an environment can be thought of as changing the directory to an environment, and then downloading and extracting the artifact and its dependencies---all with the single conda install [packagename] command.

Read more about :doc:`conda environments and directory structure <../concepts/environments>`.

  • When you conda install a package that exists in a channel and has no dependencies, conda:
    • looks at your configured channels (in priority)
    • reaches out to the repodata associated with your channels/platform
    • parses repodata to search for the package
    • once the package is found, conda pulls it down and installs
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