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Configure Image Registry

This document describes the method to configure the image registry for containerd for use with the cri plugin.

Configure Registry Endpoint

With containerd, is the default image registry. You can also set up other image registries similar to docker.

To configure image registries create/modify the /etc/containerd/config.toml as follows:

    endpoint = [""]
    endpoint = ["https://HostIP1:Port1"]
    endpoint = ["http://HostIP2:Port2"]

The default configuration can be generated by containerd config default > /etc/containerd/config.toml.

The endpoint is a list that can contain multiple image registry URLs split by commas. When pulling an image from a registry, containerd will try these endpoint URLs one by one, and use the first working one.

After modify this config, you need restart the containerd service.

Configure Registry Credentials

cri plugin also supports docker like registry credential config.

To configure a credential for a specific registry endpoint, create/modify the /etc/containerd/config.toml as follows:

    username = ""
    password = ""
    auth = ""
    identitytoken = ""

The meaning of each field is the same with the corresponding field in .docker/config.json.

Please note that auth config passed by CRI takes precedence over this config. The registry credential in this config will only be used when auth config is not specified by Kubernetes via CRI.

After modify this config, you need restart the containerd service.

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