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Issue Status Colors

Redmine an open-source project management tool that I've come to enjoy using. I have found many great plugins available for Redmine that I like to use.

This is a Redmine plugin that adds the ability to view issue lists with colour coded issues based on it's status. The colours and legend text can be modified in Administration > Issue Statuses for each type of issue status your setup has.


  1. Download the plugin, place files in plugins directory. Or clone the repo while in your plugins directory.
    git clone

  2. Make sure the directory name is redmine_issue_status_colors. Otherwise you may receive 404 errors when viewing a page with issues.

  3. Run rake redmine:plugins:migrate or rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

  4. Restart redmine server
    touch tmp/restart.txt

  5. Visit Administration > Issues Statuses, edit the statuses where you want to see your issues colour coded.


Issues List

Administration > Issue Statuses


Redmine plugin that adds the ability to view issue lists where the issues are color coded based on it's current status.



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