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Future Release possibilties:

  • rebuild statement constants
  • look at all pragma statements


  • authorizers
  • loading of extensions -- readfile / writefile
  • utf-16 integration
  • create_collation
  • encryption key support
  • expose sqlite3_strnicmp
  • table name and column name in a type map?
  • type conversion for manifest typing? how to allow it through?
  • explicit pragma handler
  • application_id pragma setter

Non backwards compatible changes:

  • change the schema objects to be more consistent
  • change taps to use to_proc protocol
  • convert type dependency to just use 'call'
  • integrate transaction and savepoint under the same api

SQLite Features:

  • activate SQLITE_ENABLE_ICU extension
  • expose PRAGMA foreign_keys
  • virtual file system
  • full text search (FTS3)
  • expose the sqlite mutex lib
  • statement status ( sqlite3_stmt_status )
  • db status ( sqlite3_db_status )
  • library status ( sqlite3_status )
  • sqlite3_index_info
  • sqlite3_create_function has 4th parameter SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC
  • sqlite3_rtree_query_callback()


  • data mapper driver
  • sequel driver optimization


  • Think about moving from arrayfields to ordered hash?
  • add to command line which directory to pack into a rubylibs table
  • amalgalite command line tool
  • use ruby's ALLOC_N and hook into sqlite3_mem_methods

Functions to possibly expose:

  • sqlite3_backup_remaining, sqlite3_backup_pagecount
  • sqlite3_compileoption_used, sqlite3_compileoption_get
  • sqlite3_config
  • sqlite3_data_count - returns number of colums in the result set of a prepared statement
  • sqlite_sourceid, sqlite_source_id

- sqlite3_strnicmp

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