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OPAM archive for Coq

All OPAM repositories for Coq packages live here. Packages are organized according to the layout.


To activate the repositories:

  • all the released packages:

    opam repo add coq-released
  • development versions:

    opam repo add coq-extra-dev
  • development versions of Coq:

    opam repo add coq-core-dev

Website preprocessor

We follow the model of the Coq website. One should invoke make COQWEB=path/to/coq/www to generate the web pages using the same header, footer and yamlpp used by the Coq website (it is expected to be in path/to/coq/www/yamlpp-0.3/yamlpp. The destination folder is www/.

The templates are in templates/. The file is first processed by scripts/archive2web that fills in <tr> entries, then yamlpp is used to insert the header and footer.

The code in www/filter.js is used to interactively browse the contents of the packages table in index.html. The css file www/index-style.css is also part of the picture.

Website and OPAM metadata

The website is statically generated looking at the opam files.

In particular we use the tags field of the opam file as follows:

  1. strings beginning with keyword: are considered as keywords
  2. strings beginning with category: are considered as categories
  3. a string beginning with date: is the date the software was last updated (not the package)
  4. a string beginning with logpath: is considered the Coq logical path prefix


tags: [

Finally the homepage:, author:, maintainer: and doc: fields are also used to generate the package entry.

See also CEP3 and the deployed website.

Continuous Integration

Incoming pull requests are tested on GitLab CI. @coqbot pushes any opened or synchonized pull request to a branch named pr-<number> on GitLab. It will trigger a CI build. If the CI build runs for too long and times out, any member of the Coq organization of GitLab can start it again using the "Run Pipeline" green button at This will then build only on runners without pre-set timeouts (the Coq Pyrolyse server). It may still time out if the build takes longer than the GitLab project's timeout setting (24 hours). To skip some packages the first PR message can contain a line such as ci-skip: p1.v1 p2.v2 where p1 and p2 are package names, and v1 and v2 are versions.


Archive for all Coq related OPAM packages organized in various repositories





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