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Kubernetes on CoreOS

This repo contains tooling and documentation around deploying Kubernetes using CoreOS. Initial setup of a Kubernetes cluster is covered, but ongoing maintenance and updates of the cluster is not addressed. It is officially maintained by the CoreOS team and meant to be a set of introductory documentation to get a feel for using Kubernetes on CoreOS.

Notice: kube-aws has moved!

If you're looking for kube-aws, it has been moved to a new dedicated repository. All oustanding AWS-related issues and PRs should be moved to there. This repository will continue to host development on single and multi node vagrant distributions.

The CoreOS Way

When designing these guides and tools, the following considerations are made:

  • We always setup TLS
  • An individual node can reboot and the cluster will still function
  • Internal cluster DNS is available
  • Service accounts enabled
  • Follow Kubernetes guidelines for AdmissionControllers and other suggested configuration

Kubernetes Topics

Follow the Kubernetes guides on the CoreOS website:

Deploying on CoreOS

Running Kubernetes Conformance Tests