Data acquisition from an OWL CM160 +USB device on linux platforms
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eagle-owl version 0.9

eagle-owl is meant to interface the Owl cm160 +USB energy monitor
in a linux environment.

It uses the libusb library and does not need a specific kernel device driver.

This program basically retrieves data from the cm160 device 
and store it in a database (eagleowl.db).
This database has the same structure as the one use by the 
windows application provided by Owl.

It also computes a 'statistics' database (eagleowl_stat.db) 
used to have a fast access to the total current consumption 
of a day, a month or a year.

eagle-owl is composed of two executables:
 * cm160 : It is the main executable. It basically does the following things:
           - connect to the attached CM160 device
           - retrieve the history sent by the cm160 device when connected
           - gets 'live' information from the cm160 device
           - feeds the main database with this information
           - computes consumption statistics for the year, month and day 
             and feeds the stat database

 * db_import: this can be used to import the database created by the windows
              program into eagle-owl. It mainly does the following things:
              - merge the imported database with the eagleowl.db database
              - computes the statistics from the imported database 
                and insert them in the stat database.

The data is accessible via a web interface.
So you need to have a web server installed on your machine 
to display the graphs.


libusb-dev need to be installed (sudo apt-get install libusb-dev)

$ cd src
$ make


There is not yet any installation script.

Do the following steps:

 * put your executables (cm160 and db_import) in the directory of your choice.
 * copy the etc/eagleowl.conf file into /etc 
 * edit /etc/eagleowl.conf and set the "install_path" to the path 
   where you put the executables
 * copy the content of the www directory into your web server DocumentRoot 
   directory (usually /var/www)
 * copy the etc/init/cm160.conf file into /etc/init, if you want to start the
   server automatically with upstart.

If you want to import the data you already collected with the Owl program on
a windows machine, you can do it with the db_import executable.

To do that, find the be.db file on your windows machine 
(you can find it from Start>All Programs>The OWL USB Connect 2>Open Data Folder)
and copy it on your linux machine where eagle-owl is installed.
Then execute:

./db_import be.db

This will create eagleowl.db and eagleowl_stat.db

To interface you cm160 device, simply launch cm160 executable and plug 
your device to the computer. The program should automatically detect 
the device and start acquisition of the data.

To access your data, type the address of your computer in a browser.
To access the live consuption, access the live.php from a browser

When connected, the cm160 device starts to send the history stored in its memory
(roughly 1 month of history), the it starts sending live data.
So it can take a few time just after the connection before 
the live data is actually updated.

- Philippe Cornet <>