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= Ubiquity for Opera =
An attempt to rewrite Firefox's Ubiquity extension
for Opera using UserJS.
== Blog ==
== Source code ==
== Original Ubiquity project ==
== Instructions ==
To use this in Opera, you have to:
- Enable UserJS. Point your browser to opera:config#Javascript and:
- tick "User Javascript" checkbox
- type the folder you want to run the scripts from
in the "User Javascript File" textfield
If you want, you can also allow UserJS execution in
HTTPS pages.
- Remove the default shortcut key bound to CTRL + SPACE,
since the original Ubiquity is activated and deactivated
with CTRL + SPACE.
- Copy ubiquity.js (or the minified version, ubiquity-min.js)
in your User Javascript folder. Restart the browser,
Have fun!
Cosimo Streppone, <>
First version: 19/01/2009
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