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cbfs is a distributed file server built on top of Couchbase

How do I get the stuff

go get

And you'll find the source in $GOPATH/src/ (and a cbfs binary should be in your path)

How do I build the stuff

cd $GOPATH/src/pkg/
go build

How do I run the stuff

mkdir -p /tmp/localdata
./cbfs -nodeID=$mynodeid \
       -bucket=cbfs \
       -root=/tmp/localdata \

The server will be empty at this point, you can install the monitor using cbfsclient (go get

cbfsclient http://localhost:8484/ upload \
    $GOPATH/src/ monitor

Then go to http://localhost:8484/monitor/

Running on Docker / CoreOS

See Traun Leyden's blog post on Running CBFS + Couchbase Cluster on CoreOS.