An IRC bot featuring dynamic loading of wikis, central configuration and database, global lists, auto-broadcast of changes to other instances, detection of page blanking and replacement using automated MediaWiki summaries.
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Build Status


Quick start

Clone the repo, git clone git://, or download the latest release.


We use the Semantic Versioning guidelines as much as possible.

Releases will be numbered in the following format:


The -alpha suffix is used to indicate unreleased versions in development.

For more information on SemVer, please visit


The software is written in C# and originally created as a Visual Studio Project. We use mono to run the executable and xbuild to build the executable.

Standalone installers (you'll need both Mono and MonoDevelop. The latter provides xbuild):

Or, if using apt-get, use one of these:

Currently supported versions of Mono: 4.6, 5.4

Once mono is installed, build the project:

countervandalism/CVNBot/src/CVNBot:$ xbuild CVNBot.csproj

Once built, you can run it (see Installation for more info on how to properly install it for actual usage, don't run it from the Debug directory in production):

countervandalism/CVNBot/src/CVNBot/bin/Debug:$ mono CVNBot.exe

Bug tracker

Found a bug? Please report it using our issue tracker!

Documentation, support and contact

Copyright and license