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CoW Protocol

Development of the Cow Suite

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  1. ethcontract-rs ethcontract-rs Public

    Generate type-safe bindings for interacting with Ethereum contracts.

    Rust 297 45

  2. services services Public

    Off-chain services for CoW Protocol

    Rust 141 61

  3. contracts contracts Public

    Smart contracts for the Gnosis Protocol v2

    TypeScript 121 30

  4. cowswap cowswap Public

    🐮 CowSwap: First CoW Protocol UI

    TypeScript 109 76

  5. composable-cow composable-cow Public

    🐮 🧾 Composable Conditional Orders for CoW Protocol

    Solidity 45 16

  6. solver-template-py solver-template-py Public

    A hollow framework for a CoW Protocol solver

    Python 35 26


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