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This is a web-based NES emulator. It has been forked from Sumez's Nez emulator to support a few new features, and also to make it as easy as possible for individual developers to create a web-facing emulator for their games.

All updates to this live in the hackery branch. The master branch will be kept up to date with the Sumez/nez master branch.

Setting up the emulator

You have a number of options for setting up the emulator - all detailed below. Pick whichever one is easiest for you!

You can get the files you need by clicking the Download Zip button on Github. (likely a green button at the top right)

Setting it up using a PHP web server/host

Copy all of the files from the top-level nez folder to your webserver. That's all - this is one of the simplest options.

Navigate to it on the web, and you should see Nez.

Setting it up using plain html (Suitable for most web hosts, including amazon s3)

If you don't have (or want) PHP support, you can set the emulator up without it.

Instead of copying all files from the repository to your server, open the dist folder. Copy all of the files from the dist folder to your web server.

Setting it up using github pages

If you fork this version of Nez on Github, you can use it to play your own game. This requires a tiny bit more work than the other options, but works just as well.

How to do it:

  1. Fork the Nez repository from this account to your own account.
  2. Make a change to and save/commit it. (This works around a github quirk and publishes the site for you.)
  3. Go to the settings tab on your repository, then to Branches and change the default branch to gh-pages. context
  4. Check your site to make sure it is up and working. You can find the url under the Settings tab, under Options. context2

Important: Any changes you make to configuration must be on the gh-pages branch. Changing other branches will not work.

Setting Nez up to automatically play your game

Once you have set up Nez hosted somewhere, you can set it up to start your game automatically!

All you need to do is edit a configuration file called config.js - it should be in the same folder as index.php or index.html. (Whichever one you set up above)

There is a setting called game which you can point to rom file to load. There are a few ways you can set it. Pick either of the options below for details.

Hosting the rom with the emulator

The easiest way to get things running is to copy your rom to the same folder as index.php or index.html. After you do this, you just need to update config.js to point to this file, which you can do like this:

    game: "my_game.nes",

Hosting the rom somewhere else

If you want to play a game that is hosted on another server, you can also provide a full url to the rom.

NOTE: The server hosting the rom must be properly set up with CORS headers. If this is not done, the rom will not load, and there will be an error in the javascript console.

Once you have the url to the game, update config.js with your rom's url:

    game: "",

Embedding Nez on another website

Nez can be embedded into websites, allowing people to play your game right on the site!

The easiest way to do this is with an iframe. There is a special file called index_embed.html or index_embed.php, which is built to support this. If you open it in your browser, you will see the emulator on a plain black page.

You will want to size the iframe carefully (using css) to make sure the game looks right. The emulator can scale to a few sizes - the most popular one is 512px by 480px.

Note that audio on ios devices is NOT supported using the embedding method. (It is supported on the regular site.)

Adding a description of the game

Nez allows you to show some information about the game below the emulator. To do this, update config.js. There are two variables you need to tweak:

    // Set this to a text string to show a description about your game (not shown in embedded view)
    // This will show up between the controls and the emulator description. Html is supported!
    // IMPORTANT: If you set this, be sure to set the title below too!
    gameDescription: "This is a game about doing stuff. You do stuff, and you do things. At the end, the things are done. Learn more <a href=\"\">here</a>.",

    // Set this to the title of your game, and it will show up instead of the words "This Game" in the description area.
    gameTitle: "My Game",

This should result in something like this:

game description

It doesn't work! Help!

If you're having trouble, feel free to either open a github issue, or email me!

Advanced Stuff

Building the dist folder manually

The dist folder is automatically re-generated on the hackery branch with every commit, so you should not ever need to do this, unless you are working with it locally.

If you want to rebuild the dist directory, you can run either (Linux and Mac) or build_dist.bat (Windows) - this script requires that you have PHP installed and on your path.

Starting games from javascript

If you have an iframe embedded on the same site as Nez is hosted, or you build Nez directly into your website (possible, but not actively supported) you can start a game using a javascript function instead.

You can use either of the following:

// Load a rom from a web-based url. This can be a relative path if your game is on the same server.

// Load a rom file using the result from the onchange event of a file input

The method above is preferred because it works best on mobile devices. If you would prefer start the game immediately, you can also use the following commands. Note that this method will result in no sound on mobile devices.

// Start a rom from a web-based url. This can be a relative path if your game is on the same server.

// Start a rom file using the result from the onchange event of a file input

Make sure the emulator has fully loaded before running this - you may have to put it in a setTimeout, or something similar.

API Usage

If you really want to mess with your games, there are a few Api methods that let you get down and dirty with things like SRAM. Eventually you'll be able to define your own custom opcode, if you so desire. (Be careful; this can definitely break things if you're not careful.

The methods are defined in ./api.js for now. Better documentation may come later, but hopefully they are self-explanatory enough to get started.


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