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BOSH Garden (used to be Warden) CPI
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releases/bosh-warden-cpi Final release 41 Jul 17, 2018
spec init Jul 23, 2014
src add cpi v2 support Jul 17, 2018
tests add basic smoke tests Nov 2, 2017
.envrc add update-deps Sep 10, 2015
.gitignore add update-deps Sep 10, 2015
LICENSE add LICENSE May 21, 2015
NOTICE update copy date Jan 5, 2017 Update Feb 17, 2017
deps.txt update deps Jul 17, 2018
update-deps add update-deps Sep 10, 2015


This is a BOSH release for the Garden (used to be called Warden) CPI. It's used in bosh-lite.


Run ./src/ for unit tests.

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