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Generate SSL certs easily for Spring Boot apps
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Spring Boot Starter ACME

A Spring Boot module that is meant to ease the pain of generating a valid SSL Certificate using the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol.

This project depends on the acme4j library.


This module depends on having openssl on the PATH to convert the certificate to PKCS12 format.





  1. Add the module to your pom.xml file as a dependency.

  2. Build your project.

  3. Deploy it to a target machine and point your domain name to the IP address of that machine. LetsEncrypt validates your ownership of the domain by making a callback to the http://your-domain/.well-known/acme-challenge/{token} endpoint exposed by this module.

  4. Make sure that your server has openssl available on its $PATH.

  5. To activate spring-boot-starter-acme and generate a certificate execute:

sudo java -Dserver.port=80 -Dacme.enabled=true -Dacme.domain-name=<YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME> -Dacme.accept-terms-of-service=true -jar mysecureapp-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  1. Check your console for a confirmation that the certificate was successfully generated.

  2. Stop your application and configure it to make use of the generated certificate:



Name Description Type Default Value
acme.enabled Activate the spring-boot-starter-acme module boolean false
acme.accept-terms-of-service Accepts the CA's terms of service boolean false
acme.domain-name The domain name to register the SSL cert for string
acme.user-key-file The location of the user private key file string user.key
acme.domain-key-file The location of the domain private key file string domain.key
acme.domain-csr-file The location of the domain csr file string domain.csr
acme.domain-chain-file The location of the domain chain file string domain-chain.crt
acme.key-store-file The location of the keystore file string keystore.p12
acme.key-store-password The keystore password string password
acme.endpoint The acme endpoint to generate the cert with string acme://


LetsEncrypt Staging acme://
LetsEncrypt Prod acme://


Version 2.0 of the Apache License.

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