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Scripts for packaging virtio-win drivers into VFDs, ISO, and an RPM. The goal here is to generate a virtio-win RPM that matches the same file layout as the RHEL virtio-win RPM.

In theory it should be possible to use stock virtio-win and qxl-win build output to feed these scripts. In practice though, these scripts are only used on output from Red Hat's internal build systems. My understanding is that they match the upstream build output, but I've never personally tested so I could be wrong. If anyone actually tries reproducing with their own build output and hits issues, please send patches or file an issue report.

For more details about the RPM and yum repo's see:

Run the script like:

./ \

It will copy the drivers to $PWD/drivers_output, with the file layout that expects, and what is largely shipped on the .iso file.

driver-build-output is a directory containing the build output of virtio-win and qxl-win. They are separate projects, so you'll probably need to copy the output to a common directory in order for the script to work.

Run the script like:

./ \
    virtio-win-$version \

It will output an archive virtio-win-$ in the current directory that is then used in the specfile.

Fedora-specific script that ties it all together. Run it like:


What it does:

  • Extracts all the .zip files in $scriptdir/new-builds/ to a temporary directory. The .zip files should contain all the build input for This needs to be prepopulated.
  • Runs on the unzipped output
  • Runs on the output
  • Updates the virtio-win.spec
  • Uploads output to the Fedora repo

In my usage, the .zip files are downloaded from Red Hat's internal build system by a private cron script.

qemu-guest-agent builds

The spec requires an additional bit to build: a .zip file containing qemu-guest-agent .msi builds.


These are support files for building the .vfd images for windows. These files are copies of files from the kvm-guest-drivers-windows git repo mentioned above.


Compare two runs of the output .zip, .rpm, or directory with ./tests/, see the --help output for details.