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Signed-off-by: Fabiano Fidêncio <>
Reported-by: Vadim Rozenfeld <>


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Scripts for packaging virtio-win drivers into VFDs, ISO, and an RPM. The goal here is to generate a virtio-win RPM that matches the same file layout as the RHEL virtio-win RPM.

The build process is fed by input from 5 sources:

Build input is mirrored at:

For more details about the RPM, repos, public direct-downloads layout, etc, see:


To reproduce the build process there's 3 steps:

  • Install host build dependencies. See the section below about
  • --rebuild: this will grab the input used for the most recent published build
  • Run


Fedora-specific script that ties it all together. Run it like:


What it does roughly:

  • Extracts all the .zip files in $scriptdir/new-builds/ to a temporary directory. The .zip files should contain all the build input for I prepopulate this with but other people can use the build input mirror mentioned above.
  • Runs on the unzipped output
  • Runs on the output
  • Updates the virtio-win.spec
  • Runs ./

Run the script like:

./ /path/to/extracted-new-builds

It will copy the input to $PWD/drivers_output, with the file layout that expects, and what is largely shipped on the .iso file. The input directory is set up by

This uses a virtio-win-guest-tools-installer.git git submodule to build .msi installers for all the drivers. Invoking this successfully requires quite a few RPMs installed on the host

Run the script like:

./ \
    virtio-win-$version \

It will output an archive virtio-win-$ in the current directory that is then used in the specfile.

Populates my local mirror of the virtio-win tree, moving direct downloads and RPMs into place, updating some convenience redirects, and then syncing the content up to

Cron script I run to watch for latest builds at the sources listed at the top of this file. If new builds are found, it downloads them to ./new-builds.


Scripts for packaging virtio-win drivers




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