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Starting from this version, required .NET Framework version has been changed to 4.8, and required Visual C++ redistributable version has been changed to 2019. Make sure you have these versions installed!!
Changing required versions basically don't affect existing scripts, because scripts run on the version of .NET Framework 4 you installed (e.g. if you have .NET Framework 4.8, all scripts will be run on .NET Framework 4.8, regardness of target Framework). See #839 for more information.


  • Use memory patterns for some vehicle properties to make the properties future-proof, preventing some scripts from easily not working by game updates
  • Fixed returning true whose internal value is not 1 from Native.Function.Call in v2.10.9. This can be a problem and can make scripts not working properly, especially when C# version of scripts is lower than 8.0 and switch statements. are used.
  • Fixed the possible problem where some native calls doesn't work properly
  • Fixed Vehicle.Acceleration returning a wrong value in 1.0.1604.0 or later
  • Fixed the getter of Vehicle.LandingGear
  • Fixed Scaleform.CallFunction for char arguments
  • Updated VehicleWheelType to add missing enums
  • Updated GameVersion enum to contain newer versions
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