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Find file Copy path
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(ns cryogen-core.compiler
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[clojure.string :as string]
[io.aviso.exception :refer [write-exception]]
[net.cgrand.enlive-html :as enlive]
[schema.core :as s]
[selmer.parser :refer [cache-off! render-file]]
[selmer.util :refer [set-custom-resource-path!]]
[text-decoration.core :refer :all]
[ :as cryogen-io]
[cryogen-core.config :refer [resolve-config]]
[cryogen-core.klipse :as klipse]
[cryogen-core.markup :as m]
[cryogen-core.rss :as rss]
[cryogen-core.sass :as sass]
[cryogen-core.schemas :as schemas]
[cryogen-core.sitemap :as sitemap]
[cryogen-core.toc :as toc])
(:import java.util.Locale))
(def content-root "content")
(defn re-pattern-from-ext
"Creates a properly quoted regex pattern for the given file extension"
(re-pattern (str (string/replace ext "." "\\.") "$")))
(defn find-entries
"Returns a list of files under the content directory according to the
implemented Markup protocol and specified root directory. It defaults to
looking under the implemented protocol's subdirectory, but fallsback to look
at the content directory."
[root mu ignored-files]
(let [assets (cryogen-io/find-assets
(cryogen-io/path content-root (m/dir mu) root)
(m/ext mu)
(if (seq assets)
(cryogen-io/path content-root root)
(m/ext mu)
(defn find-posts
"Returns a list of markdown files representing posts under the post root."
[{:keys [post-root ignored-files]} mu]
(find-entries post-root mu ignored-files))
(defn find-pages
"Returns a list of markdown files representing pages under the page root."
[{:keys [page-root ignored-files]} mu]
(find-entries page-root mu ignored-files))
(defn parse-post-date
"Parses the post date from the post's file name and returns the corresponding java date object"
[^String file-name date-fmt]
(let [fmt (java.text.SimpleDateFormat. date-fmt)]
(.parse fmt (.substring file-name 0 10))))
(defn page-uri
"Creates a URI from file name. `uri-type` is any of the uri types specified in config, e.g., `:post-root-uri`."
([file-name params]
(page-uri file-name nil params))
([file-name uri-type {:keys [blog-prefix clean-urls] :as params}]
(let [page-uri (get params uri-type)
uri-end (condp = clean-urls
:trailing-slash (string/replace file-name #"(index)?\.html" "/")
:no-trailing-slash (string/replace file-name #"(index)?\.html" "")
:dirty file-name)]
(cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix page-uri uri-end))))
(defn read-page-meta
"Returns the clojure map from the top of a markdown page/post"
[page rdr]
(let [metadata (read rdr)]
(s/validate schemas/MetaData metadata)
(catch Exception e
(throw (ex-info (ex-message e)
(assoc (ex-data e) :page page))))))
(defn page-content
"Returns a map with the given page's file-name, metadata and content parsed from
the file with the given markup."
[^ page config markup]
(with-open [rdr ( (io/reader page))]
(let [re-root (re-pattern (str "^.*?(" (:page-root config) "|" (:post-root config) ")/"))
page-fwd (string/replace (str page) "\\" "/") ;; make it work on Windows
page-name (if (:collapse-subdirs? config) (.getName page) (string/replace page-fwd re-root ""))
file-name (string/replace page-name (re-pattern-from-ext (m/ext markup)) ".html")
page-meta (read-page-meta page-name rdr)
content ((m/render-fn markup) rdr config)]
{:file-name file-name
:page-meta page-meta
:content content})))
(defn merge-meta-and-content
"Merges the page metadata and content maps, adding :toc if necessary."
[file-name page-meta content]
(update-in page-meta [:layout] #(str (name %) ".html"))
{:file-name file-name
:content content
:toc (if-let [toc (:toc page-meta)]
(toc/generate-toc content :list-type toc))}))
(defn parse-page
"Parses a page/post and returns a map of the content, uri, date etc."
[page config markup]
(let [{:keys [file-name page-meta content]} (page-content page config markup)]
(merge-meta-and-content file-name (update page-meta :layout #(or % :page)) content)
{:uri (page-uri file-name :page-root-uri config)
:page-index (:page-index page-meta)
:klipse/global (:klipse config)
:klipse/local (:klipse page-meta)})))
(defn parse-post
"Return a map with the given post's information."
[page config markup]
(let [{:keys [file-name page-meta content]} (page-content page config markup)]
(merge-meta-and-content file-name (update page-meta :layout #(or % :post)) content)
(let [date (if (:date page-meta)
(.parse (java.text.SimpleDateFormat. (:post-date-format config)) (:date page-meta))
(parse-post-date file-name (:post-date-format config)))
archive-fmt (java.text.SimpleDateFormat. (:archive-group-format config) (Locale/getDefault))
formatted-group (.format archive-fmt date)]
{:date date
:formatted-archive-group formatted-group
:parsed-archive-group (.parse archive-fmt formatted-group)
:uri (page-uri file-name :post-root-uri config)
:tags (set (:tags page-meta))
:klipse/global (:klipse config)
:klipse/local (:klipse page-meta)}))))
(defn read-posts
"Returns a sequence of maps representing the data from markdown files of posts.
Sorts the sequence by post date."
(->> (m/markups)
(fn [mu]
(find-posts config mu)
(pmap #(parse-post % config mu))
(remove #(= (:draft? %) true)))))
(sort-by :date)
(drop-while #(and (:hide-future-posts? config) (.after (:date %) (java.util.Date.))))))
(defn read-pages
"Returns a sequence of maps representing the data from markdown files of pages.
Sorts the sequence by post date."
(->> (m/markups)
(fn [mu]
(find-pages config mu)
(map #(parse-page % config mu)))))
(sort-by :page-index)))
(defn tag-post
"Adds the uri and title of a post to the list of posts under each of its tags"
[tags post]
(reduce (fn [tags tag]
(update-in tags [tag] (fnil conj []) (select-keys post [:uri :title :content :date :enclosure])))
(:tags post)))
(defn group-by-tags
"Maps all the tags with a list of posts that contain each tag"
(reduce tag-post {} posts))
(defn group-for-archive
"Groups the posts by month and year for archive sorting"
(->> posts
(map #(select-keys % [:title :uri :date :formatted-archive-group :parsed-archive-group]))
(group-by :formatted-archive-group)
(map (fn [[group posts]]
{:group group
:parsed-group (:parsed-archive-group (get posts 0))
:posts (map #(select-keys % [:title :uri :date]) posts)}))
(sort-by :parsed-group)
(defn group-for-author
"Groups the posts by author. If no post author if found defaults `default-author`."
[posts default-author]
(->> posts
(map #(select-keys % [:title :uri :date :formatted-archive-group :parsed-archive-group :author]))
(map #(update % :author (fn [author] (or author default-author))))
(group-by :author)
(map (fn [[author posts]]
{:author author
:posts posts}))))
(defn tag-info
"Returns a map containing the name and uri of the specified tag"
[config tag]
{:name (name tag)
:uri (page-uri (str (name tag) ".html") :tag-root-uri config)})
(defn add-prev-next
"Adds a :prev and :next key to the page/post data containing the metadata of the prev/next
post/page if it exists"
(map (fn [[prev target next]]
(assoc target
:prev (if prev (dissoc prev :content) nil)
:next (if next (dissoc next :content) nil)))
(partition 3 1 (flatten [nil pages nil]))))
(defn group-pages
"Separates the pages into links for the navbar and links for the sidebar"
(let [{navbar-pages true
sidebar-pages false} (group-by #(boolean (:navbar? %)) pages)]
(map (partial sort-by :page-index) [navbar-pages sidebar-pages])))
(defn write-html
"When `clean-urls` is set to:
- `:trailing-slash` appends `/index.html`.
- `:no-trailing-slash` appends `.html`.
- `:dirty` just spits."
[file-uri {:keys [blog-prefix clean-urls]} data]
(condp = clean-urls
:trailing-slash (cryogen-io/create-file-recursive
(cryogen-io/path file-uri "index.html") data)
:no-trailing-slash (cryogen-io/create-file
(if (or (= blog-prefix file-uri) (= "/" file-uri))
(cryogen-io/path file-uri "index.html")
(str file-uri ".html"))
:dirty (cryogen-io/create-file file-uri data)))
(defn- print-debug-info [data]
(println "DEBUG:")
(pprint data))
(defn compile-pages
"Compiles all the pages into html and spits them out into the public folder"
[{:keys [blog-prefix page-root-uri debug?] :as params} pages]
(when-not (empty? pages)
(println (blue "compiling pages"))
(cryogen-io/create-folder (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix page-root-uri))
(doseq [{:keys [uri] :as page} pages]
(println "-->" (cyan uri))
(when debug?
(print-debug-info page))
(write-html uri
(render-file (str "/html/" (:layout page))
(merge params
{:active-page "pages"
:home false
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:page page
:uri uri}))))))
(defn compile-posts
"Compiles all the posts into html and spits them out into the public folder"
[{:keys [blog-prefix post-root-uri debug?] :as params} posts]
(when-not (empty? posts)
(println (blue "compiling posts"))
(cryogen-io/create-folder (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix post-root-uri))
(doseq [{:keys [uri] :as post} posts]
(println "-->" (cyan uri))
(when debug?
(print-debug-info post))
(write-html uri
(render-file (str "/html/" (:layout post))
(merge params
{:active-page "posts"
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:post post
:uri uri}))))))
(defn compile-tags
"Compiles all the tag pages into html and spits them out into the public folder"
[{:keys [blog-prefix tag-root-uri] :as params} posts-by-tag]
(when-not (empty? posts-by-tag)
(println (blue "compiling tags"))
(cryogen-io/create-folder (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix tag-root-uri))
(doseq [[tag posts] posts-by-tag]
(let [{:keys [name uri]} (tag-info params tag)]
(println "-->" (cyan uri))
(write-html uri
(render-file "/html/tag.html"
(merge params
{:active-page "tags"
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:name name
:posts posts
:uri uri})))))))
(defn compile-tags-page [{:keys [blog-prefix] :as params}]
"Compiles a page with links to each tag page. Spits the page into the public folder"
(println (blue "compiling tags page"))
(let [uri (page-uri "tags.html" params)]
(write-html uri
(render-file "/html/tags.html"
(merge params
{:active-page "tags"
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:uri uri})))))
(defn content-until-more-marker
"Returns the content until the <!--more--> special comment,
closing any unclosed tags. Returns nil if there's no such comment."
(when-let [index (string/index-of content "<!--more-->")]
(->> (subs content 0 index)
(defn preview-dom [blocks-per-preview content]
(or (content-until-more-marker content)
(->> (enlive/html-snippet content)
(take blocks-per-preview))))
(defn create-preview
"Creates a single post preview"
[blocks-per-preview post]
(update post :content
#(->> (preview-dom blocks-per-preview %)
(apply str))))
(defn create-previews
"Returns a sequence of vectors, each containing a set of post previews"
[posts posts-per-page blocks-per-preview]
(->> posts
(map #(create-preview blocks-per-preview %))
(partition-all posts-per-page)
(map-indexed (fn [i v] {:index (inc i) :posts v}))))
(defn create-preview-links
"Turn each vector of previews into a map with :prev and :next keys that contain the uri of the
prev/next preview page"
[previews params]
(mapv (fn [[prev target next]]
(merge target
{:prev (if prev (page-uri (cryogen-io/path "p" (str (:index prev) ".html")) params) nil)
:next (if next (page-uri (cryogen-io/path "p" (str (:index next) ".html")) params) nil)}))
(partition 3 1 (flatten [nil previews nil]))))
(defn compile-preview-pages
"Compiles a series of pages containing 'previews' from each post"
[{:keys [blog-prefix posts-per-page blocks-per-preview] :as params} posts]
(when-not (empty? posts)
(let [previews (-> posts
(create-previews posts-per-page blocks-per-preview)
(create-preview-links params))
previews (if (> (count previews) 1)
(assoc-in previews [1 :prev] (page-uri "index.html" params))
(cryogen-io/create-folder (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "p"))
(doseq [{:keys [index posts prev next]} previews
:let [index-page? (= 1 index)]]
(if index-page? (page-uri "index.html" params)
(page-uri (cryogen-io/path "p" (str index ".html")) params))
(render-file "/html/previews.html"
(merge params
{:active-page "preview"
:home (when index-page? true)
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:posts posts
:prev-uri prev
:next-uri next})))))))
(defn add-description
"Add plain text `:description` to the page/post for use in meta description etc."
[{:keys [blocks-per-preview description-include-elements]
:or {description-include-elements #{:p :h1 :h2 :h3 :h4 :h5 :h6}}}
page :description
(= false %) nil ;; if set via page meta to false, do not set
% % ;; if set via page meta, use it
:else (->> (enlive/select
(preview-dom blocks-per-preview (:content page))
[(set description-include-elements)])
(map enlive/text)
(apply str)))))
(defn compile-index
"Compiles the index page into html and spits it out into the public folder"
[{:keys [blog-prefix debug? home-page] :as params}]
(println (blue "compiling index"))
(let [uri (page-uri "index.html" params)]
(when debug?
(print-debug-info meta))
(write-html uri
(render-file (str "/html/" (:layout home-page))
(merge params
{:active-page "home"
:home true
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:uri uri
:post home-page
:page home-page})))))
(defn compile-archives
"Compiles the archives page into html and spits it out into the public folder"
[{:keys [blog-prefix] :as params} posts]
(println (blue "compiling archives"))
(let [uri (page-uri "archives.html" params)]
(write-html uri
(render-file "/html/archives.html"
(merge params
{:active-page "archives"
:archives true
:groups (group-for-archive posts)
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:uri uri})))))
(defn compile-authors
"For each author, creates a page with filtered posts."
[{:keys [blog-prefix author-root-uri author] :as params} posts]
(println (blue "compiling authors"))
(cryogen-io/create-folder (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix author-root-uri))
;; if the post author is empty defaults to config's :author
(doseq [{:keys [author posts]} (group-for-author posts author)]
(let [uri (page-uri (str author ".html") :author-root-uri params)]
(println "-->" (cyan uri))
(write-html uri
(render-file "/html/author.html"
(merge params
{:author author
:groups (group-for-archive posts)
:selmer/context (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "/")
:uri uri}))))))
(defn tag-posts
"Converts the tags in each post into links"
[posts config]
(map #(update-in % [:tags] (partial map (partial tag-info config))) posts))
(defn- content-dir?
"Checks that the dir exists in the content directory."
(.isDirectory (io/file (cryogen-io/path content-root dir))))
(defn- markup-entries [post-root page-root]
(let [entries (for [mu (m/markups)
t (distinct [post-root page-root])]
[(cryogen-io/path (m/dir mu) t) t])]
(apply concat entries)))
(defn copy-resources-from-markup-folders
"Copy resources from markup folders. This does not copy the markup entries."
[{:keys [post-root page-root] :as config}]
(let [folders (->> (markup-entries post-root page-root)
(filter content-dir?))]
(merge config
{:resources folders
:ignored-files (map #(re-pattern-from-ext (m/ext %)) (m/markups))}))))
(defn compile-assets
"Generates all the html and copies over resources specified in the config"
(compile-assets {}))
(println (green "compiling assets..."))
(when-not (empty? overrides)
(println (yellow "overriding config.edn with:"))
(pprint overrides))
(let [extend-params (or (:extend-params-fn overrides)
(fn [params _] params))
overrides' (dissoc overrides :extend-params-fn)
{:keys [^String site-url blog-prefix rss-name recent-posts keep-files ignored-files previews? author-root-uri theme]
:as config} (resolve-config overrides')
posts (->> (read-posts config)
(map klipse/klipsify)
(map (partial add-description config)))
posts-by-tag (group-by-tags posts)
posts (tag-posts posts config)
latest-posts (->> posts (take recent-posts) vec)
pages (->> (read-pages config)
(map klipse/klipsify)
(map (partial add-description config)))
home-page (->> pages
(filter #(boolean (:home? %)))
other-pages (->> pages
(remove #{home-page})
sidebar-pages] (group-pages other-pages)
params0 (merge
{:today (java.util.Date.)
:title (:site-title config)
:active-page "home"
:tags (map (partial tag-info config) (keys posts-by-tag))
:latest-posts latest-posts
:navbar-pages navbar-pages
:sidebar-pages sidebar-pages
:home-page (if home-page
(assoc (first latest-posts) :layout "home.html"))
:archives-uri (page-uri "archives.html" config)
:index-uri (page-uri "index.html" config)
:tags-uri (page-uri "tags.html" config)
:rss-uri (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix rss-name)
:site-url (if (.endsWith site-url "/") (.substring site-url 0 (dec (count site-url))) site-url)})
params (extend-params
{:posts posts
:pages pages
:posts-by-tag posts-by-tag
:navbar-pages navbar-pages
:sidebar-pages sidebar-pages})]
(set-custom-resource-path! (cryogen-io/path "file:themes" theme))
(cryogen-io/set-public-path! (:public-dest config))
(cryogen-io/wipe-public-folder keep-files)
(println (blue "compiling sass"))
(sass/compile-sass->css! config)
(println (blue "copying theme resources"))
(cryogen-io/copy-resources-from-theme config)
(println (blue "copying resources"))
(cryogen-io/copy-resources "content" config)
(copy-resources-from-markup-folders config)
(compile-pages params other-pages)
(compile-posts params posts)
(compile-tags params posts-by-tag)
(compile-tags-page params)
(if previews?
(compile-preview-pages params posts)
(compile-index params))
(compile-archives params posts)
(when author-root-uri
(println (blue "generating authors views"))
(compile-authors params posts))
(println (blue "generating site map"))
(->> (sitemap/generate site-url ignored-files)
(cryogen-io/create-file (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix "sitemap.xml")))
(println (blue "generating main rss"))
(->> (rss/make-channel config posts)
(cryogen-io/create-file (cryogen-io/path "/" blog-prefix rss-name)))
(if (:rss-filters config) (println (blue "generating filtered rss")))
(rss/make-filtered-channels config posts-by-tag))))
(defn compile-assets-timed
([] (compile-assets-timed nil))
(if config
(compile-assets config)
(catch Exception e
(if (or (instance? IllegalArgumentException e)
(instance? clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo e))
(println (red "Error:") (yellow (.getMessage e)))
(write-exception e)))))))
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