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Devise::LdapAdapter.get_ldap_param return nil when array passed #69

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I have in ldap user with two 'mail' attribute

When I try to search it using get_ldap_param I get nil. When user has only one attribute all ok.

Here is a little test i wrote in irb:

irb(main):006:0> a = [1,2]
=> [1, 2]
irb(main):007:0> a = a.first if false
=> nil
irb(main):008:0> a
=> [1, 2]

So 'a' got a right result but return result is 'nil'.
File: ldap_adapter.rb, line: 103

I think you're right. Do you mind preparing a test case and a fix for this? Let me know. If not, I'll get to it when I get the chance. In the meantime, adding this to an initializer should fix it:

module Devise
  module LdapAdapter
    class LdapConnect
      def ldap_param_value(param)
        filter = Net::LDAP::Filter.eq(@attribute.to_s, @login.to_s)
        ldap_entry = nil => filter) {|entry| ldap_entry = entry}

        if ldap_entry 
          if ldap_entry[param]
            DeviseLdapAuthenticatable::Logger.send("Requested param #{param} has value #{ldap_entry.send(param)}")
            value = ldap_entry.send(param)
            value.is_a?(Array) && value.count == 1 ? value.first : value # fixed here
            DeviseLdapAuthenticatable::Logger.send("Requested param #{param} does not exist")
            value = nil
          DeviseLdapAuthenticatable::Logger.send("Requested ldap entry does not exist")
          value = nil

If this doesn't address your issue, let me know and I'll poke around further.


Thank you for reply.
I'm not going to prepare any tests because I'm very beginner on rails (also beginner in programming).
I confirm that this change works.

I also propose to change the behavior of ldap_param_value to always return array. It related to ldap nature that you can have several same params with different values and NET::LDAP::Entry always return array. This helps developers to keep in mind that they suddenly can get array of values.
In real application we got an double check of "value.is_a?(Array)". Each time you use Devise::LdapAdapter.get_ldap_param
you must check weather is a return value array:

# first check is_a?(Array) and transform array->string in get_ldap_param
mail =Devise::LdapAdapter.get_ldap_param(self.username, 'mail')
# now i don't know is mail array or string and i have check it again
mail.is_a?(Array) ? mail.fisrt : mail

If the get_ldap_param will always return array I can safely write:

mail = Devise::LdapAdapter.get_ldap_param(self.username, 'mail').first # zero checks

I looked at this topic:


+1 on always returning an Array

jsirex instead of a test you can always coerce to an array: Array(mail).first


I think I agree. If the LDAP entry exists, we should always return an array for consistencies sake.

@cschiewek cschiewek closed this in 61870f1
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