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function [lat,dlon,refarea,nmr]=authalic(c11,cmn,dlat,dlon)
% [lat,dlon,refarea,nmr]=AUTHALIC(c11,cmn,dlat,dlon)
% Calculates an equal-area grid for a regional tomography experiment
% c11 [x,y]/[lon,lat]-coordinates of the upper left grid corner [degrees]
% cmn [x,y]/[lon,lat]-coordinates of the bottom right corner [degrees]
% dlat latitude interval, maintained throughout [degrees]
% dlon longitude interval at the equator [degrees]
% lat latitudes describing the grid, column vector [degrees]
% dlon longitudes describing the grid, column vector [degrees]
% refarea reference area, size of one grid cell at the equator
% nmr the number of cells per row in the grid
% Only needs to calculate DLON at every LAT to have a complete
% representation of the grid. Out comes a column vector, in degrees. For
% a given latitude, gives the longitude interval so the area spanned by
% that latitude and the next one in the row is conserved. Because we give
% C11 and CMN, the 'next' latitude is always the more meridional one. So
% the outcoming LAT should always have LAT(1)>LAT(end). Also calculates
% the number of columns in each row. Even the not finished cells count as
% one, ie those at the end of the row that cannot have the full width
% [lat,dlon,c,nmr]=authalic([110 0],[180 -50],1,0.5);
% latsup=lat(1:end-1); latsdwn=lat(2:end);
% lonslft=zeros(size(latsup)); lonsrgt=dlon;
% % This should be the reference area again
% difer(spharea([lonslft latsup],[lonsrgt latsdwn])*4*pi*6371^2-c,9);
%% A grid for isotropic inversions, one parameter per cell
% [lat,dlon,c,nmr1]=authalic([60 15],[200 -65],2/sqrt(3),2/sqrt(3)-0.0047);
%% A coarser grid for azimuthal anisotropy, three parameters per cell
% [lat,dlon,c,nmr2]=authalic([60 15],[200 -65],2,2);
%% Check that both grids yield the same number of parameters
% difer(sum(nmr1)-sum(nmr2)*3)
% Last modified by, 06/12/2007
% Small change by, 10/22/2017: uncommented the following
% Compute reference area on Earth (in km^2)
%refarea=spharea([0 dlat/2],[dlon -dlat/2])*4*pi*(fralmanac('Radius')/1000)^2;
%disp(['Reference area is ',num2str(fround(refarea,0)),' square km'])
% Adjust longitudinal intervals
% Conversion to radians
% Output (in degrees)
% Number of cells per row