Powerful macro (cross) assembler package for several CPUs
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ASMotor is a portable and generic assembler engine and development system written in ANSI C and licensed under the GNU Public License v3. The package consists of the assembler, the librarian and the linker. It can be used as either a cross or native development system.

The assembler syntax is based on the A68k style macro language.

Currently supported CPUs are the 680x0 family, 6502, MIPS32, Gameboy, 0x10c and Chip-8/SuperChip?.

ASMotor is the spiritual successor to RGBDS, which was a fairly popular development package for the Gameboy. ASMotor is written by the original RGBDS author.

The first publicly released version of ASMotor is v0.1.0. This version number reflects the fact that ASMotor has still not reached completion, which will be v1.0.0. However, it is stable and usable as an everyday tool.

Visit the Wiki to learn how to install ASMotor for your system.

Read the documentation to learn the assembler syntax.