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Skeleton application provides a Zend Framework 2 environment providing a de fault module, ready for programming. several libraries have been set up, configured and integrated to speed up the dev process:

  • based on Zend Framework 2
  • Doctrine 2 ORM
  • ctrllib
  • ctrlAuth
  • phing
  • dbdeploy



clone from git and execute composer.phar, this will install all dependencies

cd /my/project/dir
git clone git://
cd ctrlSkeleton
php composer.phar install

Install database

create and empty database and configure your database connection for the application:

cd /my/project/dir/config/autoload
cp local.php.dist local.php

edit the newly created local.php config file with your database credentials.

The database is managed by phing and db deploy. you can create a file using the doctrine connection you configured in the previous step

cd /my/project/dir/build
php create-phing-props-from-zf.php

to create a database without sample data execute the following task:

phing db-reset

the is also a sample data file available, but this requires that the mysql option lower_case_table_names=1

to create a database with sample data execute the following task:

phing db-reload

if something goes wrong while building the database you can always add the -verbose flag. phing is currently configured with the following tasks:

Default target:
 db-reload              drops, creates, migrates and loads sample data

Main targets:
 db-create              creates an empty database with the configured name
 db-drop                drops the database completely
 db-load-sampledata     loads sample data
 db-migrate             Database Migrations
 db-reload              drops, creates, migrates and loads sample data
 db-reset               drops, creates and migrates
 orm-init               drops, generates new sql from entities, creates, migrates
 orm-init-sampledata    drops, generates new sql from entities, creates, migrates, loads sample data
 orm-sql-from-entities  creates 001.sql with sql generated from doctrine from entities
 orm-validate           validates the schema with the doctrine mappings

Doctrine Proxies

The directory for proxy models generated by doctrine must also be writable! By default this directory is data/orm_proxies

chmod 777 /my/project/dir/data/orm_proxies

Virtual Host

Afterwards, set up a virtual host to point to the public/ directory of the project and you should be ready to go!

Create an application

The skeleton provides a module called App where you can start programming