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// Cloud-based backup notification testing tool.
// (C) 2016 CubicleSoft. All Rights Reserved.
if (!isset($_SERVER["argc"]) || !$_SERVER["argc"])
echo "This file is intended to be run from the command-line.";
// Temporary root.
$rootpath = str_replace("\\", "/", dirname(__FILE__));
require_once $rootpath . "/support/cb_functions.php";
// Load and initialize the service helper.
echo "Initializing...\n";
$config = CB_LoadConfig();
// Ignore filters.
foreach ($config["notifications"] as $num => $info)
$info["filter"] = "";
$config["notifications"][$num] = $info;
echo "Queueing test notification...\n";
CB_DisplayError("[Test] This is a test.", false, false);
echo "Sending notifications...\n";
echo "Done.\n";