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Generated regex for ? character is incorrect #494

guyburton opened this Issue Apr 1, 2013 · 3 comments

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With cucumber 1.1.2_0 (from Java), the autogenerated regex for a statement containing a ? character is incorrect and does not match at runtime.


Then is there an error?:

Produces the output

You can implement missing steps with the snippets below:
@Then("^is there an error?:$")
public void is_there_an_error_(DataTable arg1) throws Throwable {
// Express the Regexp above with the code you wish you had
// For automatic conversion, change DataTable to List
throw new PendingException();

Should be:

@Then("^is there an error\\?:$")

Extension of #215


Will submit pull request adding ? to the list of 'special characters' to be escaped. Would be better not to have to 'maintain' this list in general, but not sure of a better way.

Cucumber member

@guy127917 sounds good. The list of special characters isn't that long, so it shouldn't be that hard to cover them all.

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