Accessibility statement generator
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Accessibility statement generator

Designed and written by Rowan Thomas for CUSU Disabled Students' Campaign.

Embedding in Wordpress

As well as running as standalone HTML, it is possible to embed the program in a Wordpress site if wished.

A suggested method is:

  • Git clone the repo to anywhere on your system, even outside the webtree if wished, e.g. at /path/to/accessibility-statement-generator
  • Install a plugin which provides an include shortcode, e.g. Include Me
  • Create a normal page, e.g. at /resources/access-statements/ or wherever you want in your site
  • Add the shortcode to the page, e.g. [includeme file=/path/to/accessibility-statement-generator/index.html]
  • Add an Alias to httpd.conf (NB not possible in .htaccess) so that the JS/CSS assets are visible to the web tree at the same location as the page, e.g. AliasMatch /resources/access-statements/(.+)(.js|.css)$ /path/to/accessibility-statement-generator/$1$2