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Fun site to create url's with different metadata from the original.
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An application designed to hide the metadata of a website for good-hearted office pranks.

Note: This repository is for educational purposes. It's designed to demonstrate putting a simple .NET Core site together.


  • .NET Core 2 MVC
  • Postgres Server
  • Entity Framework
  • xUnit
  • Bootstrap / JQuery

Running the application locally

Since this application requires Postgres server you'll need to it running. While you don't need to create the database, the src/Metamask.Web/appsettings.Development.json file will need to have the connection string updated to point to your database.

Note: I prefer to use Docker to run Postgres Server. To do this check out this article:

docker run --name some-postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword -p 5432:5432 -d postgres

Visual Studio

Open the src/Metamask.sln, set the startup project to Metamask.Web, and press f5. The application will start and the database will automatically be created.

Command line

Assuming .NET Core is installed on the system:

cd src/Metamask.Web
dotnet run Metamask.Web.csproj

Again, the application should start and the database will be created automatically.

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