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8fb2165 Sep 20, 2016
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/* rawSend.ino Example sketch for IRLib2
* Illustrates how to send a code Using raw timings which were captured
* from the "rawRecv.ino" sample sketch. Load that sketch and
* capture the values. They will print in the serial monitor. Then you
* cut and paste that output into the appropriate section below.
#include <IRLibSendBase.h> //We need the base code
#include <IRLib_HashRaw.h> //Only use raw sender
IRsendRaw mySender;
void setup() {
delay(2000); while (!Serial); //delay for Leonardo
Serial.println(F("Every time you press a key is a serial monitor we will send."));
/* Cut and paste the output from "rawRecv.ino" below here. It will
* consist of a #define RAW_DATA_LEN statement and an array definition
* beginning with "uint16_t rawData[RAW_DATA_LEN]= {…" and concludes
* with "…,1000};"
* Cut-and-paste into the area above.
void loop() {
if ( != -1) {
//send a code every time a character is received from the
// serial port. You could modify this sketch to send when you
// push a button connected to an digital input pin.
mySender.send(rawData,RAW_DATA_LEN,36);//Pass the buffer,length, optionally frequency
Serial.println(F("Sent signal."));