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We welcome contributions through pull requests on GitHub and encourage contributors to join our IRC channel on freenode, #polr

Polr is written in PHP with the Lumen (Laravel-based) framework. As of 2016, we won't be officially supporting 1.x outside of fixing critical security bugs. The 1.x legacy branch uses MySQLi and requires the MySQL native driver -- whereas 2.x requires the PDO driver and uses the Eloquent ORM.

You can run tests for Polr using phpunit, and we encourage all contributors submitting a pull request to run them beforehand.

Polr is licensed under the GPLv2+ license: either version 2 of the GPL, or at your option, any later version.

By contributing to Polr, you agree to have your work licensed under GPLv2+.

Please be considerate towards others and respect all who participate in the community.

Thank you so much for contributing!

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