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Enable all additional container

Besides providing basic LAMP/MEAN stack container, which are well integrated into the Devilbox intranet, the Devilbox also ships additional pre-configured container that can easily be enabled.

Table of Contents

Available additional container

The following table shows you the currently additional available container:

Enable all additional container

Copy docker-compose.override.yml-all into the root of the Devilbox git directory.

host> cp compose/docker-compose.override.yml-all docker-compose.override.yml

That's it, if you docker-compose up, all container will be started. This however is not adviced as it will eat up a lot of resources. You are better off by selectively specifying the container you want to run.

.. seealso:: :ref:`start_the_devilbox`

Configure additional container

The additional container also provide many configuration options just as the default ones do. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Image version
  • Exposed ports
  • Mount points
  • And various container specific settings

In order to fully customize each container, refer to their own documentation section:

.. seealso::
   * :ref:`custom_container_enable_blackfire`
   * :ref:`custom_container_enable_mailhog`
   * :ref:`custom_container_enable_rabbitmq`
   * :ref:`custom_container_enable_solr`