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Unreleased version

  • Fix page sometimes wobbling because of hidden spinner (#54)
  • Add more informative error messages (#69)

shinycssloaders 1.0.0 (2020-07-28)

  • Add support for custom images with image parameter (#46)
  • Add support for making the spinner show up on top of the output instead of replacing it, with a hide.ui parameter (#22)
  • Add id parameter to withSpinner() to allow you to target a specific spinner with CSS (#19)
  • Allow spinner type 0, which means no loading icon is shown (#18)
  • Changed the license from GPL-3 to MIT
  • Fix bug where loaders weren't working in uiOutput (#39)
  • Fix bug where withSpinner() was causing shiny::appendTab() to break (#45)
  • Add support for proxy.height to be specified as a number instead of a string (300 vs "300px")
  • Fixed bug where spinner wasn't showing up for certain output IDs such as "map" (#49)
  • Clarify the custom.css parameter which was causing confusion (#21)
  • Don't expose 'assets' as a resourch path because it blocks shiny apps from having a www/assets/ folder (#48)
  • Internal refactoring: Use one CSS file for all styles, and use CSS files to load custom CSS of each style (#37)
  • Complete revamp of all the documentation
  • Added a sample Shiny app "demo" that lets you experiment with all loader types and parameters
  • File cleanup: Remove all files and dirs from inst/css-loaders and only keep the CSS (#38)

shinycssloaders 0.3 (2020-01-14)

  • Remove debug message from JS console (#26)
  • Ensure spinner doesn't show forever when used on dynamic outputs
  • Fix bug that caused errors with outputs with special ID characters and caused errors when using shiny bookmarks (#16)
  • Fix type 1 and type 7 spinners on IE11 (#1)
  • Dean Attali took over as maintainer of the package

shinycssloaders 0.2.0

New features

  • Better support for outputs with non-fixed height (e.g. tables with heights depending on the data received from the server), by embedding a 'proxy' container which contains the spinner. An attempt is made to automatically deduce if the output has fixed / variable height and in the latter case the proxy container will have a default height of '400px'. Otherwise the proxy.height option can be used to explicitly control the size of the proxy container.


  • Fix vertical scroll-bar appearing for Type 3 spinners
  • Fix error message still showing when recalculating for htmlwidgets

shinycssloaders 0.1.0

The first working version of the package.