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New in 5.2.2:
* patches for a smooth Gentoo ebuild by Michael
* strongly advise AGAINST using novalidate-cert
* add missing parameters in printfs in error messages (thanks David Binderman)
* ATTENTION: currently we're not closing the box any more
New in 5.2.1:
* c-client-header.h was not contained in the tarball, strange I got no
* added some more #mh howto by Michael
New in 5.2:
* shoving around of code for better comprehension of the code
* fixed fix from 5.1.1
* mailsync shouldn't possibly be messing with flags at all if the
mailbox (IMAP f.ex) allows it.
* support for Linux-lib64 by Heiko Rommel
* fixed problem when retrieving delimiter
* not exiting any more on stores without subdirs
* lasttimes were not computed correctly - this could result in a message
being retransmitted if deleted on one side
* don't delete duplicate messages with empty Message-IDs
(thanks Kunal Chavan for bugreport)
* removed [] around config.h in - this was causing problems for
Akkana Peck for unknown reasons
* don't show message IDs by default
* we require automake > 1.6 or else we'll complain (thanks Michael, Akkana, Eric!)
* added HACKING file
* more verbose error message when c-client is linked against kerberos, but kerberos is not installed
* small compilation fixes (thanks Heiko)
* checking for and adding libcrypt to LIBS
* added workflow diagrams showing when mail_open is used with what options
* -n has a new meaning: do not delete messages
* move c-client.h to its own include file, so that we can clean up the
mess it makes in a single place (idea Michael)
* since there were so many changes, renaming as 5.2
* RELEASED after 2 weeks test period
New in 5.1.1:
* not properly expunging emails fixed (Michael fix, Bob testing)
visible with #mh folders
New in 5.1.0:
* option to use md5 hashes of headers as msg ids and/or along with
the msgid in the message header (patch by Bob Lindell, adaptation me)
* warn about empty Message-IDs when using the default msg id algorithm.
* document md5 vs Message-ID in the README
* -di debug/log IMAP telemetry/protocol
* -dc debug configuration
* fix copy/paste bug in ac_with_md5.m4 (Michael, bug by me :-/)
* fix rubbuish deletion in dist-hook
* fixed traversing some boxes twice
New in 5.0.0:
* completely reengineered:
- really object oriented
- grouped sources together that belong together
- simplified a lot of things
* it should be possible to sync stores which contain folders with messages
_and_ submailfolders. However if two stores do not _both_ allow messages
_and_ subfolders in folders at the same time, submailboxes will
be created first and messages in folders that contain subfolders will
no be synchronized! (Detlef Vollmann helped with C++ quirks)
* build fixes by Michael
* documented diff mode
* Solaris autoconf by Michael, Heiner Steven and anonymous (thanks to all ;-)
* mailsync forgetting to purge local stores (problem occurs with #mh boxes)
fix by Michael
New in 4.5.4:
* removed acinclude.m4 (Krelin's code-beautycenter, me)
* checking right at the start if we've found any boxes to sync
* added courier example with foldername including spaces
(upon Gonzalo G. Agulló's confusion)
* splitted up sources
* removed forward references in code
New in 4.5.3:
* automatic detection whether -fno-operator-names is necessary
(bugreport Wolfgang, implementation *Michael*)
New in 4.5.2:
* added RH's c-client location (thanks Wolfgang Sailer)
New in 4.5.1:
* fixed build procedure description in REAME (thanks Wolfgang Sailer)
New in 4.5:
* Simulate option
* fixed mapage
* sizelimit option for channel contributed by Michael Krelin
* minimaly better error handling
* reads in and initializes c-client configuration
* bugfixes for prefixes that exactly match the mailbox name
and therefore end up empty by Michael
* msinfo format documented
* a little simpler msinfo parsing
* added #mh mail format example
* added Michael's #mh over ssh example
* automatically setting -m when listing store. Bugreport by Andre Srinivasan
* autoconfiguration by Michael
New in 4.4.4:
* Check every fetch operation for success
* documented the fact that mailsync is not really fit for concurrent
mailbox access
* extended loging
* reengineering - clearer naming of variables (I hope)
- int msgno -> unsigned long msgno (as in c-client)
- functions and variables that return/contain only true/false
are now booleans
New in 4.4.3:
* do not copy deleted mails
New in 4.4.2:
* documented list mode
* list mode can display contents of mailboxes
* more docu
* reordered code to make it more coherent (IMHO)
* various functions (fetch_mail_ids, tdc_mail_open) had too many crucial
side effects which made the code very hard to follow. Untangled that.
* closing a stream before writing in it (c-client logic!) so that new
messages are not marked as seen. That means, that mutt users should be
happy(er?) now.
New in 4.4.1:
* more explicit and consistent error messages, more sensible debug output
* documented the code and renamed stuff so that it makes sense
* messages-ids are sanitized and saved in RFC822 format only.
* warnings about spaces in the message id are now optional, see the "-bd"
* fixed a bug that occured when files were copied over but could not be saved
for some reason
New in 4.2.3 to 4.3.1:
* bugfixes, docu fixes - see debian/changelog
New in 4.2.2:
* password can be set in stores/channel
New in 4.2.1:
* recursive copying should work now
* comments in config files
* minor bugfixes and cleanups
New in 4:
* If the same new message is in both stores, it's left alone.
(mailsync-3 would copy it in both directions, wasting bandwidth and
creating duplicates).
* Now makes a single pass through each mailbox instead of two. This
reduces network bandwidth (though probably only a little, not by 50%).
* Can handle either or both stores being empty.
* List mode ("mailsync store") and diff mode ("mailsync store
channel") fixed. Diff mode no longer removes duplicates.
* The per-mailbox summary lines ("foo: 1 deleted, 30 remain") now
appear before the copying & deleting are done. So if you see
"foo: 4384 copied local->remote" you can hit ^C sooner.
* Now mailsync is a C++ program. Reduced from 2000 lines of code to
1200. Data formats (.mailsync and msinfo) remain unchanged. Fewer
memory leaks and less opportunity for buffer overflows (though I don't
know of any in mailsync-3).