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Custom Form Type

Creating custom types with formbuilder is crazy simple. For example, you can create custom backend options without any javascript implementation.

Let's have a look how the choice field has been configured. Of course, you can adopt these settings for your custom form type - just set your class and your good to go.

        # name your form type
            # define the class
            class: Symfony\Component\Form\Extension\Core\Type\ChoiceType
                # you either use one of those fields 
                # or your could create a custom type group
                # - choice_fields
                # - datetime_fields
                # - other_fields
                # - hidden_fields
                # - buttons
                form_type_group: choice_fields
                # add a label for the field
                label: 'form_builder_type.choice_type'
                # add your custom icon class
                icon_class: 'form_builder_icon_multi_select'
                # now define some fields
                    # add expanded options since this an available option for the symfony choice type
                        # display_group_id defines in which display group extjs should render this field
                        # it's possible to create custom display groups 
                        # or even new tabs for the backend configuration layout
                        display_group_id: attributes
                        # there are several types available. readmore about the backend types below
                        type: checkbox
                        #again, add a label for the backend field
                        label: 'form_builder_type_field.expanded'
                        # no further configuration for a checkbox
                        config: ~
                    # add multiple options since this an available option for the symfony choice type
                        display_group_id: attributes
                        type: checkbox
                        label: 'form_builder_type_field.multiple'
                        config: ~
                    # choices: this is a complex one
                        display_group_id: attributes
                        type: key_value_repeater
                        label: 'form_builder_type_field.choices'
                        # we need a options transformer. 
                        # it transforms backend values into a valid symfony choice values and back.
                        # create your custom transformer, if you need to.
                        options_transformer: FormBuilderBundle\Transformer\ChoicesTransformer
                        config: ~

Backend Field Configuration

Learn how to configure the backend fields.