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What is Priiloader?

Priiloader is a heavily modified version of Preloader 0.30, created by DacoTaco and BadUncle.
It is an application that is loaded prior to the Wii System Menu, which allows it to fix certain kinds of bricks that leave the System Menu in a broken state (like a banner brick), or to add various patches like update blockers or Wiimmfi patches to the System Menu.

Quick note: Priiloader will NOT save your Wii if you fucked up the System Menu IOS!
(On 4.3 this is IOS80) See here to check which IOS that is for you.

What has been changed since Preloader 0.30 base source?

  • Added vWii and Wii Mini support
  • Added Bootmii IOS booting option to menu and autoboot (handy for restoring and/or sneek)
  • Support for all HBC title IDs
  • Removed need for ES_DIVerify
  • Killed the DVD spin bug (crediar forgot to close the dvd drive in ios)
  • Re-added online updating
  • Added our own installer (phpgeek's)
  • Re-added the old black theme
  • Added a check on boot so some apps can reboot/launch system menu and force priiloader to show up or start system menu
  • Added start of Wiiware/VC titles
  • HBC stub loading
  • Hacks can either be added with their offset, or with a hash value to allow for version-agnostic patches
  • Added option to require a password at boot
  • Fixed lot and lots of bugs
  • Much much MUCH more...

What do I need to install Priiloader?

All you need is a way of booting homebrew. (Homebrew Channel recommended)
If you have The Homebrew Channel 1.0.7 or above, you don't need any patched IOS at all!
If you don't, then a patched IOS36 is required. (Although it is recommended to just update the HBC.)

Priiloader itself needs no hacked IOS at all. (Hell, we recommend using unpatched IOS...)

Can I contact you guys elsewhere?

Yes, you can! You can find me (@DacoTaco) in #priiloader and #wiidev on, or on Github.

I need more info?

That is not a real question, but here:


If you like Priiloader and wish to support me you can donate on ko-fi