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Extensions and Companions

Extensions in this repository


  • DryIoc.MefAttributedModel.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.MefAttributedModel (source code) NuGet Badge


  • DryIoc.Microsoft.DependencyInjection NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Microsoft.DependencyInjection.src (source code) NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Microsoft.DependencyInjection.AspNetCore2_1 (targeting ASP .NET Core 2.1.1) NuGet Badge


  • DryIoc.Web.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Web (source code) NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Mvc.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Mvc (source code) NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.WepApi.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.WepApi (source code) NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.SignalR.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.SignalR (source code) NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Owin.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Owin (source code)NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.WebApi.Owin.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.WebApi.Owin (source code) NuGet Badge


  • DryIoc.CommonServiceLocator.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.CommonServiceLocator (source code) NuGet Badge
  • DryIoc.Syntax.Autofac.dll NuGet Badge

Companions in this repository

Companion packages do not depend on DryIoc package.


  • DryIocAttributes.dll NuGet Badge
  • DryIocAttributes (source code) NuGet Badge

Extends MEF attributes to cover DryIoc features: metadata, advanced reuses, context based registration, decorators, etc.


DryIocZero NuGet Badge

Slim IoC Container based on service factory delegates generated at compile-time by DryIoc.

  • Does not depend on DryIoc at run-time.
  • Ensures zero application bootstrapping time associated with IoC registrations.
  • Provides verification of DryIoc registration setup at compile-time by generating service factory delegates. Basically you can see how DryIoc is creating things.
  • Supports everything registered in DryIoc: reuses, decorators, wrappers, etc.
  • Much smaller and simpler than DryIoc itself. Works standalone without any run-time dependencies.
  • Allows run-time registrations too. You may register instances and delegates at run-time.
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